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Bad Words

Riley is at the age where kids start learning bad words.  We knew it wouldn't last forever, but we stay very open in explaining, to the best that we can, why certain words are concerned 'bad.'  Julia is frustrated because she wants to know the bad words and feels left out.  We told her that she'd learn them over time like Riley had and that she'd have to wait.  She wanted us to say one just so she could learn one, but we told her we wouldn't do that.  She's bummed.

Yesterday Riley shared with me that she thought she had learned a new bad word.  She said it started with a 'd.'  I knew she already knew the word that she calls "beaver dam" so I couldn't think of what it might be.  I asked her to spell it.

"D...O... S I think..."

I couldn't think of what it might be so I just asked her to say it to me (we were by ourselves in the room with no one else around - sorry Julia).  She tells me "douche."  I was like - hmm.…

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