Wednesday, June 29, 2011


Riley's room has an amazing amount of light that pours in as the sun sets.  We have thick curtains in her room, but there haven't been any blinds since we moved in.  So we recently purchased some (last week) and Jeremy installed them today.  Two inch, fake wood, white blinds.  Jeremy finished and called the girls in to see the difference in the light in the room.

Riley: Great job Dad!
Julia:  (begins clapping) Yea!!!!!

Was so cute.  Even Julia knew how wonderful it was!

Riley told me later to come with her right away!  So I followed her into the kitchen area where we eat and she goes "Look Mom!  I have blinds in my room just like these!"  Guess blinds are the best thing these days.  She was super excited!

Jeremy and I spent about an hour today swimming with just Riley.  She had a complete blast and so did we.  Madi was at VBS and Julia was taking a nap.  It was great to give Riley some good time just for her.  She has definitely needed it.

Monday, June 27, 2011


There really is nothing more precious than your kids.  Riley loved eating lunch with me by herself today.  Julia was sleeping and Jeremy was picking up Madi from VBS.  So we had a truly exciting lunch - mac n cheese and hot dogs.  We haven't made hot dogs in forever.  Literally several years.  So I thought I'd buy them and see if she'd eat them now.  She took one bite and spit it out and says "Mom, these are horrible.  I will eat anything that does not have hot dogs in them."  Then she broke into song and sang "she wears short skirts, I wear tshirts...." (Taylor Swift - You Belong With Me).  So I asked if she would sing it for Grandma.  We called Grandma and she sang the entire bridge and chorus.  Super cute!  I sang along for part of it as it's just a cute song.

Julia spent her day running around the entire house as usual and eating loads of food. She's a busy, busy girl!!  She loves to hide behind the Rapunzel (Tangled) table in the front living room.  She hides behind it and peeks out to see if you can find her.  She makes no sound at all and just patiently waits for you to see her.  Once you find her, she giggles so hard.  She also loves to stand against the wall opposite of where you are standing.  Then she runs and screams loudly toward you.  If you pretend to come after her, she raises her hands up in the air and pivot turns until she is back to where she started.  So cute!!!

Madi had her first day of VBS and loved it!!  So glad she is having this experience.  She was gone most of the day today.

Jeremy and I went out for an amazing dinner at Abacus in Dallas.  We've had a gift card for over a year and finally had the opportunity to use it.  Was well worth it!!!  He had calamari, Hawaiian Walu and then a chocolate mousse cake with banana and caramel and a really cool sugar circle on the top.  I had romaine salad with a spiral crouton thing, pork tenderloin with potatoes and creme brulee.  I love creme brulee - so amazing!!  We shared the desserts and cleaned every plate.  Was hardly anything left!  So all in all, a fabulous day!

Sunday, June 26, 2011


My favorite little people...




Sounds scary.  Trapped.  Can't get out.  Screaming.  Crying.

Riley and Julia were trapped this morning.  Both girls were ready for church so they went in the playroom to play before we had to leave.  Jeremy and I were both hanging out with them.  We have a huge oversized lawnmower box at the side of the room.  I swore it would only last a week, maybe two at the most.  We've now had it for almost a year and a half.  It's indestructible!  Jeremy added a door at the bottom with two windows on the sides and a sunroof in the top.  It's a dream castle.  Truly awesome.

Riley decides to crawl into the box.  Julia decides to crawl in the box while dragging her car behind her, bending down and pulling the car into the box.  As she is pulling the car, the handle breaks off the back of the car.  Riley is crying because Julia is poking her with the handle.  Then Julia pulls the car towards the box and Riley pulls the car.  The car gets jammed in the doorway on its side - tire behind the door on one side and the steering wheel stuck on the other.  Neither girl can get it free.

So they are trapped.  I decide to see if I can wedge it in and can't.  Both girls look totally desperate to get out.  They're both crying hard.  Jeremy starts laughing.  I start laughing.  Madi looks totally confused as she walks in to see both girls crying and us laughing hysterically.

Solution:  Jeremy picks up the entire box and both girls crawl out - still crying.

Moral of the story:  If you want a good laugh, just mix a toddler, a preschooler, a box and a car.

The vehicle Julia was dragging in.

The box.

Girls, Girls, Girls

Three girls under the age of 10 in our home now.  Wild, fun trip.  There is now constant talking, noise, pretend play and laughter in our home.  

Riley has become fascinated with naming her animals and friends.  "Here is Saida.  Here is Baida.  Here is Naida.  Here is Saida.  It's ok.  Two of them are named Saida."

She's also loving asking tons of questions at bedtime.  Last night Jeremy and I went out to Maggiano's and my parents came over to watch the girls.  When my mom put Riley to bed, these were some of her questions: "My feet need some fresh air." "Gramma, does your hair always be like this?" "Did you know, der are nose boogers and eye boogers?" "Do you want to wipe my eyes?" "I think you should get a cat and keep it at your house and I could come see it every day."

Speaking of cats, she's dying to get one.  She asked us for a cat.  To which Jeremy told her I am allergic and that we might get a puppy.  She goes "How about a cat?"  Jeremy "No, just a puppy."  Riley then says "I'd really like a cat.  That would be better."  So now she is trying to convince Gma and Gpa to get one for their house.

Riley is also writing her name, can recognize pretty much every letter (gets her D's and O's confused), counts to 30 without any help and uses large words like "Help me!  I'm tethered to this box!"  when we are playing.

Jules just had her 15 month dr. appointment.  She is go-go-go!  Never stops.  The doc told us to limit her tv time during the day.  I wanted to say "If she would even sit down for 5 minutes of tv, I'd be able to sit down a little!  Let alone for a whole show!"  So Julia will not watch any tv and while she loves to sit everywhere - her favorite spots are the last two stairs on the stairway or in corners behind things - she will not sit anywhere long.

Julia is saying words like Bah-pah (Grandpa), Caah - Cuh (Cracker) and Uh Oh (uh oh).  She can also scream very loud and doesn't have much patience.  Gets very angry very fast.  Though 99% of the time, she is the happiest baby you have ever met.

Madison has been living with us for a little over two weeks now since her mom went back to the Philippines.  She loves reading.  She loves hanging out with friends and riding her bike.  She is very smart and very fun.  And loves swimming.  Has been awesome having her live with us.  We're so blessed.

So that is how the girls are doing.  Makes me sad to think how hard it is to capture these little girls as they are before they get bigger.  Wish I could freeze time and speed it up at the same time.


Riley loves to drink water, juice, and practically anything she can drink instead of eating.  If she could still drink all of her meals, I'm sure she would.  Tonight we had teriyaki chicken and rice with pineapple.  She loves the rice in particular, but really wanted to get down from eating.  So Jeremy decided to ask her a question.

Jeremy:  Hey Riley you need to eat all your food.  I didn't give you too much tonight so let's try to eat it all.

Riley:  Ok.  May I be excused now?

Jeremy:  Well let me ask you a question.  Do you want a donut?

Riley replied "Yes!!"  and leaped off her chair.

Jeremy:  Well, you are still hungry.  If you're hungry for a donut, then you're hungry enough to finish your food.  I don't have any donuts.

Poor girl didn't get a donut tonight.  But she did finish her dinner without any complaining.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


I realized I haven't been writing down anything that Julia or Riley are doing lately.  So here's an update:

Julia (age 14 months):
Loves dumping her food off her high chair as fast as humanly possible.  Laughing at me as I'm trying to take the tray off - also as fast as humanly possible.

 Will have to finish another time.  Riley is up...

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Putting Riley to bed.  Lights go out.  I lay next to her with my arm across her shoulder.  We're facing each other.

I feel her arm rub my back and I think "Oh how sweet."  Then come the words:

Mom, I wiped a booger on your shirt.  It's okay.  Because you can just wash it.

Thanks Riley.  That was so sweet of you to think of that.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


Giant hives was scary.
Croup sounded like a monster was calling out of my child.
Hand-Foot-Mouth just plain hurts.

Feeling slightly like Job.
And praying this ends soon.

Julia is sick again with hand-foot-mouth.  She's been crying a lot.  And sleeping fitfully.  Poor thing just can not seem to get well.

Tonight Riley and I read the story of how the disciples were in the boat on the sea of Galilee and they were scared.  There was so much going on around them and they just couldn't deal with it.  Then God simply said "Hush" and all was calm.  Riley's Bible for Kids said "They had forgotten who was in control.  They had not remembered who God was."  I got very teary as I read the story to Riley.  When there's so much going on around us, it's easy to look at the difficult things and not at our God.  Praying for the strength to make it through yet another round of sickness.  Our God is stronger.  Our God is greater.  I'm ready to hear "Hush" whenever He says it!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

New Song

Riley is still awake - two hours past her usual bedtime.  But she sang me a special song tonight.  The words went like this:

I love you forever.  I love you a lot.  I love you.  I love you always.  I always cry when I'm in time out.  But I still love you.  I love you forever.  No matter what.

She was stroking my cheek as she sang it.  I just had to sneak away just to write this down so I wouldn't forget her song.  She told me she made it up and thanked me several times when I said how much I loved her song.  She says she made up another song, but that she wants to wait until tomorrow to share it with me.  Not tonight.  I can't wait to hear it.