Monday, September 26, 2011

Taking a Bite out of Crime

The Crime:  Stealing Toys repeatedly and getting a nasty bite on the arm
The Scene:  18-24 month old toddler room at Lakeside Montessori
The Victim:  Depends on how you see it - would it be the one who is getting the toy stolen or the one getting bitten?
Time:  10:40am

So here's how it all happened.  I dropped off the girls at school this morning.  Julia gave me her usual kiss and blew on her hand and said "bye bye!"  Riley and I chatted and walked to the cafeteria where she meets with her friends and teacher.  I kiss her on the cheek and say goodbye as she finishes her Eggo.  Then go off to work with Madi.

I return around 4:30pm today to pick up the girls and am told by Julia's teacher, Nicole, that I'll need to sign an accident form at the office.  I asked if she bumped her head again and she said "No.  Julia kept taking a toy from one of her friends.  She sat out in thinking time and just kept going back to steal the toy.  Her friend got very angry at her and bit her on the right arm - between her wrist and elbow.  It was very badly bruised and swollen.  Looked as though it may have broken through the skin."

She continued to tell me that she put a hot compress on it, neosporin and watched it for a long time.  She thought she might have to call me at work to have me take her to the doctor, but the swelling and bruising went down and Julia handled it all fine.

The rest of the day whenever Julia would go to take another toy, Nicole would simply remind her of the bite on her arm and ask if she would want to have that happen again.  Julia would tell her "no" and say "nah nice" (not nice) and would then leave the other kids and their toys alone.  So possibly, maybe, potentially likely that this may be the start of her ending her stealing streak.  After all, she stole Riley's bowl of food yesterday when they were eating snacks at home.  She hid by the table eating them.  And she stole toys and tried to grab things.  She doesn't seem too phased by time outs and will even put herself in time out and say "ahm in tahm owwwt." (I'm in time out)  She does this when she knows that she has done something she shouldn't have.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Adult Movies

Conversation between Riley and Jeremy as Jeremy is looking through Netflix:

Riley:  Don't worry Dad.  I don't want to watch any Mommy and Daddy movies.  Well, sometimes I do.

Jer:  Like what?

Riley: (very excited) Like Star Wars! (followed by nervous giggling)

Jer:  Oh really?  Star Wars?  Well, maybe sometime we can watch that for a movie night.

Riley:  Really?  Just you and me?

Jer:  Well and Mommy too!

Riley (throwing her head back and chuckling):  You've got to be kidding me!  Mommy likes Star Wars?

Jer:  Of course Mommy likes Star Wars.

Riley:  You've got to be kidding me!

Jer:  Would you like that?

Riley:  Oh yes!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Julia and Her Friends

Julia can definitely defend herself.  We've learned from her teacher at school that she is pushing the boys and then stealing their toys and running away from them as fast as she can.  She especially loves to pull the curls on one of the little boy's heads.  She also likes to hit.  Wow - we've got our work cut out for us!

Not that we didn't know this.  After all, she's always loved to pretend to hug Madi, only to reach and pull her hair as much as she can.  And she's pulled Riley's hair several times - even pulling chunks of it out.  So she's had time outs and talking to.  She does not like the word "Sorry."  And even shrugs her shoulders when asked to say it.  As if to say "why? who me?  i don't care."

Her teacher at school, Nicole, says that if Julia is pulling a toy from a kid and the kid won't give it to her, she'll go up to her and tug her pants.  Nicole will ask "Is it your toy?"  Julia will tell her "no."  So Nicole will tell her to leave it alone and she does.

She is also very protective of her toys and she said that none of the other kids can ever get them away from her because she yells "NOOOO" and pulls so hard that they have no chance at getting them.  Don't have to worry about her standing up for herself.  Just praying that she learns the right way to use this!

She is super super sweet.  Loves to cuddle.  And loves to blow kisses.  But doesn't mind letting you know who's boss.  Yes, we definitely have our hands full!

I don't know

Julia's favorite words:  I duh know!

When asked "Where is Riley,"  the answer is "I duh know" while hands go out to her sides and she shrugs her shoulders.

Cutest thing I've ever seen.


Yesterday was another long day.  Work.  Work.  Pick girls up.  Make dinner.  Clean up dishes, wash dishes, make lunch, get girls ready for bath, give them bath #1, bath #2 and put them to bed.

Why two baths?  Well apparently the first bath wasn't enough.  Julia had taken her ravioli with sauce dinner and literally put her hand in the sauce and wiped it all over her face.  We always say she looks like an Oompa Loompa when she does it because she turns completely orange.  I clean her up the best I can so we don't end up with an orange ring around the tub.  Then upstairs we go.

Start Bath #1:  I fill the tub.  Only to have Julia pulling on the handle to make herself look like Superman on the side of the tub.  Thank God I was right near her.  Get Jules in the bath first and then Riley gets in too.  Two for one.  Saves time and cleans well.

Until I turn to get a washcloth and look back in the tub.  Took just a second to say "What is that?" and then "Riley, did you do that?"  Not sure why I would think it was her.  Guess because she could at least give me an answer.  Julia just looked totally content.

Riley looks in the tub and yells "POOP!!!!!!!  Ahhhhhh!! Get me out!  Get me out of here!"  I pick her up as fast I can and give her the towel.  She and I are yelling and laughing at the same time.  Riley is yelling because she is scared.  I'm yelling because Julia is picking up the poop and putting it to her mouth.  Yes, totally disgusting.  Though she looks quite happy with herself.  She is a big helper and puts it in a bowl with my help.  I dump it in the toilet and finish washing her hair, as it's already half way done and still has shampoo in it.  Riley is standing next to the tub watching and is giggling like crazy at this point.  She keeps telling me "Mom I'm going to pee on the floor!" to which I'm saying "No you are not.  Get to the potty!!!"  Thank God she makes it there.  Already had to clean that mess up a few days ago when Julia peed all over Jeremy's mat.  Again, totally content while doing it (Julia that is).

So I get Jules out of the tub.  She's crying.  I guess it's because she was so loving her bath.  I get the toys out and into a bucket to clean later.  I spray Clorox bleach cleaning stuff on the bath and let it sit while I get Julia dressed and brush her hair and then put her in her bed.  I start Riley a new bath in the other bathroom while Julia is screaming like crazy.  She wasn't happy to be in her crib even with all the toys and the lights on.  Riley is wrapped in a towel and we get her all bathed and cleaned up.  I finish cleaning the dirty tub and then grab Julia who has tears dripping down her cheeks.

Jeremy gets home, I take Julia to put her down, he helps with Riley and all we can do is laugh about it.  Totally worn out, but with yet another "how crazy can these girls get?" story.

Sickness Sucks

So we are on Round #2 of a 24 hour bug.  Riley was sick two weeks ago.  And by sick, I mean throwing up all over our couch.  The couch that we purchased pre-kids and didn't really think through fabric choices.  So while we cleaned it the best we could - along with the carpet that we just had cleaned a few months ago - we will be making better fabric choices once it makes sense to do so.

Riley passed the 24 hour bug along to Julia who threw up at daycare.  I got the call after my first class at work and had to leave immediately.  Well, as soon as I finished writing lesson plans for the day, making arrangements for Madison to get home and checking in with the daycare.  As well as cancelling District Honor Choir rehearsal and all five of my piano students. Not as though it was a busy day or anything.

So now we are at Round #2.  This time Riley had eaten pizza.  Nothing like nasty cheese smell.  Don't think I'll forget it.  She complained of a tummy ache and we put a towel and bowl next to her bed.  She lay down and fell asleep.  Jer and I went downstairs to chat for a little while.  While talking, we heard her cough.  Didn't think anything of it.  Until a few minutes later, she is standing at the top of the stairs and looks covered in something.  All it took was a glance at her hair and her bed to know that we were in for several more loads of laundry.

Got her in the bath, put her on the couch (covered with towels) and set to getting everything cleaned up.  Thank God for the most amazing mattress cover in the world!!  Martha Stewart - you truly make the best one EVER.  Now the pillows are a different story.  Can't be salvaged. But the mattress - still fresh and clean.

So here we are at 10pm.  And just starting our night.  Will be interesting to see how my medicine interacts with little sleep.  Not a test I'm really wanting to try, but definitely need to make sure I take them.

God gives new mercies every morning, right!