Monday, February 27, 2012

American Girl Dolls

Riley has now started being interested in American Girl Dolls.  The girls at school have them.  Madi has one.  And we just started getting the catalog.  She received two dolls at Christmas time that she claims are her American Girl Dolls.  At some point, she'll realize they are not.  For now, she absolutely loves them and there is no changing her mind on it.  Has been a battle we just aren't going to fight at the moment.

So after dinner tonight, Riley is playing with her dolls in the other room while we're in the kitchen.  Julia moves slowly around the corner and snatches one of the dolls while quickly turning her walk into a fast run.  She is also giggling the entire time as she is running.  Riley is trying her hardest to catch up to her while yelling "That's my special American!  That's my special American!  Give my American back Julia!!"

Finally she catches her and Julia bites her on the hand sending Jules into time out.  She will keep us busy for a long time, I do believe.

Monday, February 20, 2012


The saying "duh" should be used carefully.  I often use it when I'm talking about myself - as in "duh - I should have remembered that!"  Tonight Riley was getting herself ready for bed, brushing her teeth and going potty.  I didn't see or hear her go potty as I was putting something away in our room.  So I asked if she went.  And she said she did.  I had her sit on the potty for just a minute in case she was just teasing me.  Which does happen every now and again.

She got off the potty and goes "See Mom!  I told you I already goed.  (as in go followed by -ed)  I knew I'd already done it."

I tell her "Yes, Riley.  You did already tell me.  I should have believed you.  You're probably like "duh Mom!"

Riley responds "Yes dumb Mom!"

I tell her "Well, what I really meant was like 'duh' - like 'what were you thinking."

Riley responds again "Dumb Mom.  Argh."

Yes, I'll be rethinking how and if I ever say this again.

Hurts my Heart

I saw a neighbor's yard completely dug open and it was very apparent that there had been a flooding issue due to the vehicles out front taking care of it.  Dirt piles were everywhere and line in the ground cut open all the way to the house.

I mentioned to the girls in the car that our neighbor must be having a stressful day.  Riley asked what it means to be stressful.  I told her it is when things are very hard to deal with and mentioned that the neighbor was probably having a hard day.

Riley says "That hurts my heart."

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Prayer Requests

Tonight it was my turn to tuck Riley into bed.  She was still starving after dinner even though she ate most all of it, and had part of a cinnamon roll that G'pa and G'ma gave her!  Yum!!  We'd spent the afternoon at the park so she had been running a lot so I'm sure her body was just needing more food.

Three eggos later, she finally started to wind down for bed.  It's now 8:35pm and she is still wide awake.

We spent time reading a Winnie the Pooh book on her LeapPad that she got from Madi.  And read the Bible story - her request was the story about Saul and how he changed his name to Paul after God changed him.

Then we got talking about letters.  So we started creating letters out of our legs and arms and bodies.  We're just laying there creating letters for the longest time.  I asked if she knew how to make a "g" and she thought about it for a little bit.  Then she goes "I got it!  Here is an Upper Case G."  Sure enough - she had her legs bent into the shape of an upper case G.

We made a "W" with our legs together.  She asked me to stand up on the floor so she could show me something.  She told me to put her legs about and then goes "look!  It's a letter M."  And of course, again, it was.

Then we lay on the bed and played with letters some more.  And talked about the park and other fun things about the day.  I asked her if I could pray and then asked if there was anything she wanted me to pray for.  Her only request was twofold:

"...that Madison would never leave our house ever and that Madison would stop giving her mad looks because I was going to cry.  I didn't cry, but I was thinking I was going to cry.  I don't like when she gives me mean looks."

So I started to pray about her day and her sleep and at some point, Riley interrupted with:
Hey Mom!  Who was that guy that said "Yes Lord, I am listening!"  I told her it was Samuel and how he thought it was Eli calling, but it was God.  She goes "oh yeah!  Ok.  Can I pray when you are done?"  I answered that she could.  So I finished praying and told her it was her turn.

Here is what I remember of her prayer:

Dear Lord,
I never want Madison to leave us ever.  I want her to stay with us forever.  But I don't like her mean looks.  I really don't and I don't want her to do them.  But I want her here forever. And if ever she does leave, please keep her away from the slithering snakes.  And the ocean. I don't want her to get bit in the ocean by things.  And I don't want her to get hurt by the snakes either.  Tell her to stay far away from them.  They aren't nice.  And I don't want her to get hurt.  Warn her about them if she goes to them so she will see them.  And make her stop the mean looks.
Thank you Lord.  Amen.

Me:  Riley that was such a sweet prayer!
Riley:  Stop talking Mom.  I'm listening to God.  And I can't hear Him when you are talking.  (whispers out loud "Yes Lord.  I am listening" while keeping her eyes closed and turning away from me.  Then she waits in silence for a few seconds and says "Yes Lord.  Yes."
Riley:  Thanks Mom.  He heard me!!
Me:  Of course He did.  God always hears you.
Riley:  I told Him I was listening and He told me that He hears me.

I am totally speechless and thankful.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Don't Trust Little People

Julia is sneaky.  Really sneaky.

Madi had all of her valentines out on the table as well as her candy - dippin sticks with sugar packets on the other side.

Julia slowly walked toward the table.  Ever so slowly.  Glanced at the candy, grabbed one as fast as she possibly could and then took off running as fast as possible while laughing hysterically.  Madi was trying so hard to catch up with her and it took her a little bit before she got to her.

At this point, Jer and I are laughing because it was so funny to watch.  And of course, the stick had pushed through the package so it wouldn't be able to be used for anyone else.  We taped it and Madi was able to give it to herself.

She's such a funny girl!


Riley came home yesterday and started singing this song:

I'm texy and I know it

I asked where she heard it.  And she said that a boy in her class was singing it a lot.  So she sang it again.  Then asked:

Is texy a bad word?

I told her that it wasn't a nice word for her to say.  And at the same time I couldn't help smiling inside at her innocence with it.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

How to Get Ready for School

Every night the girls' clothes are set out on the fireplace so that when we wake them in the morning and take them downstairs, everything is all set and we don't have to worry about where things are.  Tonight Riley added a few little touches to the clothes while I was helping with Julia upstairs.

Clothes are all set on the fireplace!

Julia always loves to play with her doll each morning
so Riley found it and put it on Julia's clothes

And then she set out one of her favorite unicorns
and a big red bow for her hair.

Monday, February 6, 2012


Julia loves babies.  All babies.  In the grocery store, we were standing one checkout counter away from a baby and she said the word probably a million times very loudly and more excitedly every time "baby!  Baby!  Baaaa-by!!!  Baaaa-byyyyyy!  Baby-baby!  Mommy - baby!"  The parents just smiled and then started laughing as she kept repeating it.

At church, she runs up to baby car seats that are on the floor and peeks in to say "Baby!!!"  And gets all excited.

Tonight when I put her to bed, she brought over the book about the first Christmas and on the cover is Baby Jesus.  "Baby!"  She says it for every page of the book even if she can't find the baby.

Then she cuddled into my shoulder and gave a sweet wave to her massively oversized doggy on her dresser:  Nigh-nigh Doggy!  Where Rih-eee?  Nigh??  Where Rih-ee?  Nigh-nigh!!  Nigh-nigh Doggy!!!

Put her to bed and said yells "NIGH_NIGH!!!!"  And giggles.  So cute.


Help is hard to find.  Though recently, Riley has made our bed twice while we were getting ready in the bathroom.  Came out to find it made.  The second time she rearranged the pillows and said "I made it a different way!"

Tonight Jer went grocery shopping while I fed the girls, bathed Jules, set out everything for everyone for tomorrow and got them ready and in bed.  He got home around 7pm.  Jules was down and Madi was reading.  Riley was hungry some more so I got her some toast so I could start eating my dinner.  Jer walks in with tons of groceries.

As soon as we finished eating, Riley walks over to the bags and immediately starts to put the food away in the freezer and then finds more things to put in the pantry and fridge.  Stacks the soup cans.  And helped sooo much!  We were quite impressed and never asked her to help.  She just started doing it.

After it was done, we gave her a hug and said "thank you."  She just smiled and then said "Mom!  We get to read Cinderella tonight!!!"  She was so excited.

Found out she took a nap at school so she's still upstairs coloring and reading to wind down. And giving us time to finish up the day and do a load of laundry.  It seriously never ends.  Where do all these clothes/towels/things come from??!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Sweetness Abounds

The girls are still sick.  So we drove Madi to school this morning.

Riley:  I love sitting behind Madi.
Me:  Why is that?
Riley:  Because I love her 100 million.
Madi:  I love you too Riley!
Riley:  And I never want you to leave.  Ever

The girls and I have been playing in the playroom this morning.  Riley has been helping Julia and playing so sweetly with her.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sick Girls are Still Great

Riley has bronchitis and an ear infection.  Julia has a double ear infection and sinus infection.  This is the week following pinkeye for Jules.  Thankful that Madi is healthy!!

My day was: drop Madi off, go to Walmart to get juice (as I knew they couldn't taste the water and wouldn't drink it without a little flavor), get home and do laundry, go to doctor, go back to Walmart for prescriptions, home to make lunch and put Jules down for nap and then snuggle with Riley, pick Madi up and back to Walmart to pick up the prescriptions that took two hours to get ready.  Walmart was the place to be.  The second time we went, Riley calls out all excited:  "Hey Mom!!  We've been here today!  We get to go here again!!!  Wow - we've already gone here and we get to go again!"  hahaha  Jules simply sat in the back going "birh!  Birh!!!!  Fy!  Fy!  Birh!!!!" (bird-bird-fly-fly-bird)  Gotta love the millions of birds at Walmart!

I loved every minute of being home with them.  They were sweet and kind and easy-going.  Well, except when Julia kept poking Riley in the belly button and laughing OR when she threw the bowl across the living room and dumped the cereal out and looked at me and said "no" before I even asked her to clean it up OR when she stole Riley's cereal out of the bowl.  Love her spunk.  Hoping to steer it in a different direction!

At the doctor office, the girls were good.  Julia loved the stool with wheels and kept wanting to push it.  When we left, Jules went up to the side cabinet and opened the door to peek in.  Then they started spinning in circles and going "woh... woh... woh" and bumped into each other, fell to the ground and giggled like crazy.  Jules kept trying to look over the counter to see the receptionist and waving her hand and saying "hi! Hi!  HI!  HI!  hi!" repeatedly.

They may be sick, but they are the happiest sick children you've ever met.  Have always been that way.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Apparently a very short nap at school results in a 10pm bedtime.  At least, every night so far this week.  Quite tiring not getting any down time and taking care of others nonstop.  Though I have to say that Riley has been so adorable and sweet which has made it easy to not get mad about it.

When we got home from school today, she walked up to her room, brought down her hamper and told me that I should do her laundry so that she can wear her pink dress on Friday (two days from now).  Then she got her backpack and put three journals, a unicorn, a pillow and a blanket for naptime.  Put it on the fireplace next to her clothes that are set out for tomorrow.  And did it all without asking.  Guess she'll be a planner like her Mommy...

Jules and Riley both have incredibly awful sounding coughs.  Praying they don't get worse.  Jules hardly ate anything at dinner and went to sleep early.  Riley ate a lot at dinner, but is having the hardest time going to sleep.  Thinking this year has the been the worst year for sickness that we have ever had.  And praying it begins to end sooner than later.