Thursday, March 29, 2012

Who is Our Grandpa?

Riley has been learning about geneaology today.  She was curious as to who her Grandparents are and who mine are and who Jeremy's are.  So I explained to her that when she has kids, I will be her kids' Grandma.  She thought that was pretty funny.  So she shared some information about it with Jeremy.

R:  Oh Dad.  You know what?  When I have kids, Mommy is going to be their Grandma!  Isn't that funny?
J:  You know what that makes me?
R:  No - what?
J:  Grandpa!!
R:  (laughs) that's funny.  And they're going to ask 'Who's their Grandpa?'  And I'll have to tell them 'You Are!"

More Potty Lessons

Jeremy took Riley to the potty and had the following conversation.

J:  Are you going to go poop or pee?
R:  I don't know yet.  (startings peeing) Oh.  Pee.  Sometimes I direct my pee.
J:  You mean you make it go this way or that?
R:  Yeah.  I move my butt like this (showing with her hand).  And that's how I do it.  (She lifts her fingers and counts out loud to five).  I'm going to have five kids and they're going to say 'Wow!  Whose our Grandpa going to be?' and that'll be funny.  And then one two three four five six dogs.  Five kids and six dogs.  WOW - I'm going to be busy with that.  That's gonna be a lot of hard work.


Scene:  Cleaning out from under Riley's bed where there are a few pieces of paper, a few stuffed animals and one white shoe.

Me:  Riley, where is your other white shoe?
R:  I don't know, Mom.  I am your little squirrel.

Little Squirrel.  We gave Riley this nickname when she was very little because she would hide things everywhere and almost always knew where she had put them.  She especially liked to hide cheerios inside of little openings and inside of her leap frog music table that had a little green compartment on it.

Julia is also a little squirrel and has hidden shoes in our coffee tables as well as food and her bottles inside of her play kitchen.  She often finds the food and drinks inside of it and just starts eating them.

Funny Things Happen At Night

Riley came home with a fever yesterday from school.  Jeremy and I talked about what to do and I took the day off.  This makes 14 days off this year.  Only one day off was when I wasn't feeling well.  The other 13 were for sick kids.

Riley woke me up a little before 3am this morning.  She said her feet and head hurt.  Despite having Advil earlier in the night, she was burning up.  So I got her some Tylenol and then we went and lay down in her bed together.  She says the funniest things in the middle of the night. Or I should say all night long as we ended up staying up until 5:30am.  She then got an hour and a half of sleep and I had thirty minutes.  Our time was mostly spent with her telling stories and asking me to add.

R:  Mom, What is .... umm.... 2 plus 2?
M:  It's 4!
R:  Very good, Mom.  What is 5 plus 5?
M:  20?
R:  No Mom.  It's only ten.  Ok - what is 3 plus 6?
M:  9
R:  Great Mom.  Ok.  You're doing a great job on these.  I need to make these harder for you.  What is 32 plus 32?
M:  64.
R:  Wow.  Great!!

While putting her to bed last night, Riley asked me if girls who have fevers like this need to take off school for one hundred years.  Then she asked me to look it up online.  After asking me to count repeatedly, she then said:

R:  So did you look it up online?
M:  Look up what?
R:  If I will have to be off school for a hundred years with this fever.
M:  Oh I looked it up.  You only have to be off school for as long as you have the fever.
R:  I don't like the fever.
M:  Me either.  But it is your bodies way of heating up so that it can kill off the germs.
R:  I'll think of a gun story.  Guns shoot out nets I think.  Mom, Once when I had bald head, I was sick and sat on Grandpa's lap and watched movies.
M:  Yes you did!
R:  I know I did.  I had bald head for a few years until I was two or something.  Then when I was three I had hair.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Sick... again

Riley came home today with a fever of 100.3.  She asked me tonight if I could look on the internet to see if girls with fevers need to stay at their home for one hundred years and not go to school.  I told her I would look it up.

Julia is fighting a sinus infection.  And getting in her two year molars.  Combination has made for a very, very overly cranky girl.  But also some very, very sweet cuddle time too.  Especially when we're reading books.  Her favorite books at the moment are "It's Potty Time" - she likes to yell at the end "I a big guhl!" (I'm a big girl), "Jeezuh bihday!" (Jesus Birthday) - where she points at Jesus and asks where he is on every page and then when asked says "I dunno!"

Madi has been quite healthy - though today she complained of a stomach ache and said she felt like she was going to throw up.  She didn't have much dinner and went to bed early.

Would make for an interesting rest of the week if there are three little sick girls.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Floaties and Sinkers

In our home, we have always praised our kids when they were potty training.  "Great job!  That was a big one!"  Or "You worked hard for that one."  We also taught them the basics about going potty - the normal things every parent teaches.  Riley used what we had taught her today and turned it into a math lesson.

My parents took Riley to their home and she went to the bathroom.  She then called my mom over and said:

"Grandma, I have five floaties and three sinkers.  That makes eight all together!"

We're so proud that she was able to add them together and use math skills to count floaties and sinkers.

Family Photos

After having my friend Jenny Harry take pictures of us last year, we decided it would be a good idea to get them done again this year.  Well, I decided it would be a great idea.  Jeremy wasn't too keen on the idea last year as it meant getting up super early (like 5:00am) and then driving to McKinney, but once we got the pictures back, he was very glad we did it.

This year I needed more pictures for my etsy site and wanted some more of our family as the girls have changed so much in the last year.  Always sounds so idyllic.  Beautiful scenery.  Great photographer.  Three beautiful girls.  Umm... I always forget the part about getting the girls to actually let the photographer catch them in poses that work or in natural behaviors that are appropriate.  That part - not always so easy.

We asked my parents if they'd like to have some pics done with the girls and they were all excited about it. So they came along today as well.  We went to Beard Park in Little Elm.  Really not much to it - an old rundown cabin that is really cool looking, a white playhouse that turns into Santa's post office where kids can mail letters to Santa at Christmas time and a playground.  Everything situated with trees in the background.

We were able to wake up at 6:15 this morning and get all of us out the door at 7:20.  That includes packing time for the mannequin, four bins and all the extra snacks and things for the girls.  Riley and Madi wore their Gap sweaters with the fur collars, a solid color tshirt and jeans.  Madi wore her knee high boots - super cute.  Julia wore jeans with a green/white patterned dress and a dark green sweater.  They all looked beautiful.

As soon as we got to the park, the girls wanted to play, but we realized quickly that it was very wet.  The playground had tons of dew on it and the grass was also very wet.  Jeremy, my Dad and Madi went to Starbucks to get coffee.  I told Jeremy that I'd rather that he get coffee than to deal with him being crabby from lack of caffeine!  While they went out, Jenny came and we started to do pictures with my Mom, the girls and I.  Mostly of the girls.  Riley was wearing brown leather mary jane shoes and her socks quickly got soaking wet and muddy and her shoes became very wet.  She handled it well for the most part.

Julia mostly wanted to hold Grandma and didn't really want to sit or even look at the camera at first.  I think she got some good shots though.  Then once the guys and Madi were back, we started with the whole family shots.  This was when things got interesting.

Julia wanted to sit and didn't want to look at the camera.  Madi wanted to pose and wanted her boots off because they were soaking wet.  Riley was sulking that she was wet and didn't want to smile at the camera.  We tried bribery (not below it for pics):  "We'll give you gummies!  We'll give you a sip of chocolate milk!  We'll give you more gummies!"  Then we tried the anger method:  "If you don't shape up, you can go sit on the bench and not be in any pictures!"  Obviously that one didn't work very well and it was even more obvious that we were frustrated with her attitude and still wanted her in the pics - so she continued to sulk for a few more minutes.  Then the lightbulb went off as to how it would work!

Jenny had Jer, Jules, Riley and I on the cabin step trying to get a good shot and Riley sulked.  We had her scoot closer to me and the she accidentally burped and started to laugh.  So I told her "Keep burping Riley!"  She kept a huge smile on her face while she burped almost nonstop.  Probably the best pics Jenny had gotten all morning!

Then she did some individual shots of the girls.  When it was Riley's turn, Jenny would say "Ok, now you're going to burp!  And smile!  Burp!  And Smile!"  First time she has ever had to give those directions to people she is taking pictures of.  Riley did a fantastic job and was smiling and laughing and very playful.

Madi did great and there are some great shots of her.  Julia was shy at first, but then did just fine.  And Riley warmed up and was also fine.

We then got tons of shots of the merchandise for Etsy!  The mannequin did a great job of standing still for every photo.  Great morning in 70 degree weather and will result it some great shots, I'm sure!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Birthday Activities

Playing with her doll and Bah-Pah (Grandpa)

Happy Birthday Jules!!

Riley and her new friend Victoria
Grandpa and Julia building

Riley and Grandma playing barbies

Julia Turns 2!!

I can't believe that our little "baby" is now two years old!!  Such a doll and such a sweet girl.  She has been such a joy to watch grow the last two years.  Being that she is still so little, we didn't have a formal party planned.  After all, two year olds can get very overwhelmed with large groups and opening presents becomes crazy even after the first few.  So our plan was something very low-key.

First thing this morning, we gathered all of the girls and did our usual routine of cleaning out the humidifiers and getting them up.  We had all the girls come and sit on Riley's bed since Riley and Julia's clothes were set out the night before in there.  Riley loves to get ready in her room and Julia has also enjoyed doing that so that has been our routine as of late.  We all sang Happy Birthday to Jules.  She looked somewhat embarrassed and hid her head in her hands.  She was so adorable!!

We made a box with wrapping paper and pictures of her on the outside as well as facts about her birthday.   Every child at Lakeside brings in a poster or something to tell about their birthday.  Her class ate some chocolate and sang to her.

My mom and I emailed late this afternoon and they decided to come over to eat dinner and do presents.  Jeremy purchased some Bundtinis from the store Nothing Bundt Cake - $12 for buy three, get one free!  Awesome!!

We bought Jules a large pink ball, a Rapunzel baby doll, two little play bottles and a box of Lucky Charms - her favorite cereal!!  She was enamored with the ball.  So much so that it was the first thing that she opened and we could hardly get her to open anything else.  Though Riley tried very hard and for the most part, tried very hard to open it for her.  She was very thoughtful to want to be in on the action!

Riley wrapped all the presents with me and organized how to set them up on the fireplace.  It was super cute.  She looked at the doll and the bottles and said "Hey!  I don't have any of these!"  She very much wished that she could have a new doll.  When Julia was playing with another toy, Riley asked where the Tinkerbell doll was because she wanted to give it to Julia.  This way Julia could play with it and she could have the Rapunzel doll.  The girls both shared the doll (well, mostly Riley played with Rapunzel) and Julia spent a lot of time rolling the tossing the ball around.

My parents got Julia a few shirts and some bottoms as well as a little cake set.  Will be so nice to have some new spring outfits since she doesn't have many!  Not too many hand-me-downs in the 2T department here - thinking that it was a messier stage :)

We sang Happy Birthday and Riley helped blow out the candles on Julia's bundtini.  Jeremy took it into the kitchen to cut them into sections so we could try a variety of the flavors.  He cut up a slice for Julia.  She was SO mad when she got the piece because it didn't look like the cake she had just seen.  It was all cut up and mashed looking.  She didn't want to eat it.  Somehow my dad managed to get her to try a bite and magically it became acceptable to eat!  In fact, she looked very happy and begged "I wah moh!! (I want more) as soon as she had eaten it.

Then she went back to playing for a little while and kept repeatedly asking my dad "Wheh dah bah go?? (where the ball go) and he would tell her it went to sleep.  She probably asked it 100 times.

Riley wanted to sleep with the Rapunzel doll.  I asked her if it was her birthday, would she let Julia sleep with her doll.  She thought for just a second and said

"I.... I...  Oh yes, I think that would be great!!"

Was so cute.  We made a compromise and let her have it sleep in a pack and play in her room - though we did discuss that it was Julia's doll and that she was borrowing it.

Very easy going birthday and probably the cheapest one we'll have for many years to come.  Best part is she had a wonderful time and now has a few new toys that will keep her learning and playing!


Riley and my mom were playing with her barbies today while Julia and my dad played blocks.  So cute to see them together.  Jeremy and I were reminiscing about when Riley first got her barbies.

My parents found a lot of them on craigslist or ebay.  And then some friends gave us even more.  One of the barbie's heads fell off.  When it did, it never seemed to attach right again.  The head literally rested on her shoulders and she had no neck.  So we called her "No Neck."

The show "American Idol" was very popular at the time (and was still worth watching) and there was a girl on it that sang wonderful, but had no neck.  So eventually our barbie gained the name of Melinda Doolittle.  Melinda has had many good years of play.  Compare for yourself:

The real Melinda

Our Melinda

Compared to a "normal" barbie

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Polished Floors

I decided to clean all of the floors the other day.  I was having a Premier Jewelry Party at the house, family was coming over and I was on Spring Break.  So it was a good time to do some Spring cleaning.

I used Pine sol and water for in the kitchen area and kitchen.  Looked great!  We have hardwood floors in the foyer and I couldn't find our wood floor cleaner.  However we did have Pledge!  I looked on the label and it said it was good for wood surfaces.  And I use it for our tables.  They always look clean and shiny so I figured it would be great for our floor!

A few slips and falls later, it turns out that while they are clean and shiny, there is a reason it is NOT for floors.  Though it does make for a good skating rink when Riley decides to pretend she's an ice skater.

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Apple Pie

Last night my parents had Riley over for a sleepover.  Our girls love their time with them and they always do fun things - like watching the movie "Elf" and laughing at munchkins (as Riley calls the trolls) as they are farting or rolling in laughter at the long burp.  Or playing for an hour and a half with a plastic pizza cutter and fake pizza with Julia in their playroom.  The playroom being a spare bedroom with a walk-in closet that has an entire kitchen set for the girls to play in with fake food and a microwave that beeps and entertains.

This morning we got a call from Riley while she was riding in their car.

Riley:  Mom!  We're making an apple pie!!!

My mom explained that they were on their way to the store to get the ingredients for an apple pie recipe.  Riley had brought along her "Amelia Bedelia's Apple Pie" book to Grandma and Grandpa's house.  She got it at the book fair back in November and has wanted to make a pie using the recipe in the back of the book for months.

So they made the pie and Riley was so incredibly proud.  She called when it was done:

Riley:  Mom!  You HAVE to come over now.  Bring everyone that is in our house so they can eat our apple pie.  AHHHHH!!!!!

Me:  Well, Riley, Julia just went down for her nap.  Can we come after she wakes up?

Riley:  Oh yes, Mom!  We made apple pie!!!!

Julia woke up about an hour and a half later so I called as we were just leaving.

Me:  Hey Riley?  Would it be ok if we came over now so we could all share your pie?

Riley:  Oh yes, Mom!

Me:  Ok - we'll be there in about fifteen minutes.

Riley (very sad and dejected):  Ooohhhhhh.

Me:  You sound sad?!

Grandma:  Fifteen minutes is a long time to wait!

Me:  Well, we'll be there as fast as we can then!

So we arrive at Grandma and Grandpa's house to find that she has set a tablecloth and is using my mom's best china plates.  Real china.  She has also set out a spoon at each chair and chosen who will set where.

Riley very much wanted to help cut the cake.  And worked very hard to help Grandma get each piece on the plates and handed them out to everyone.  The first person she handed it out to was Julia and she was sweetly telling her all about it.  "Try it Julia.  I know you will like it.  It's my apple pie!"

It was quite delicious!!  Riley should be very proud!  As should Grandma - since it was her first apple pie too!

Friday, March 16, 2012

Opportunites Everywhere

Riley came downstairs this morning and I asked if she wanted to go to school.  She said that she definitely wanted to go.  Then I asked if she was sure she wanted to go or if she wanted to stay home and play with us.  She replied with:  "I want to go.  My teachers will miss me.  And this is a big opportunity for me!"

Madi and I smiled at each other as she said it.  It was so cute!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Random Pictures

From things that have occurred in the last few weeks:

Playing "see saw" in the hamper.  I sing a song that goes:
See Saw, Up and Down
In the air and on the Ground.

An old Kodaly song to teach pitch, but we use it to push the girls
right and left.  On the word "Ground," we gently rest them on their
sides in the baskets on the ground.  They laugh
and ask for it over and over.

"Too Close Riley!"

Snuggling with Bah-Pah

Ready to play ball!!

Riley's Mardi Gras Float
for her school parade.

Julia's Mardi Gras Mask.  Not loving it so much!

Loving on Daddy!

Even more love for Daddy!

Riley's drawing!  In her words:
This is me and Grandpa in a boat!
(Grandpa is the green faced one)

From left to right:
Madison, Grandpa, Madison with her hair up and making a mad face,
Julia, Mommy, Madison, Riley.  Madison is also the one at the top
with the long hair.

Two birds flying

Loving Our Girls

There are so many things that make me proud.  Lately it's been very much tied to our girls.  All of them and for so many reasons.

Today was no exception.  Riley, Jules and I went to the mall to return two shirts that didn't work well for Jeremy.  I had bought the "slim fit" and hadn't realized it.  Not that he's fat - far from it.  Just that the shirts themselves were tailored for tall and lanky people.  Ok I'm totally digging myself into a hole.  They just simply didn't fit.

Then we went to the Arbor Hills Preserve in Plano.  The girls ran, jumped, and played with other kids.  Julia spent most of the time in the swing - totally chill and relaxed.  Just smiling away and enjoying herself.  Riley spent much of the time playing with another little boy and his soccer ball.  She had a smile on her face from beginning to end.

We went home and all of us had lunch.  Julia went down for a nap.  Riley and I lay down on the couch together to watch a movie and Madi played WOW.  Then we took a trip to Target to get essentials - teething tablets, cold medicine and dish soap.

The girls and I had played with blocks, dinosaurs and little people before dinner so Jer and I asked Riley to clean up the toys with Jules.  She immediately got down and started to organize the blocks in a box.  Jules handed Riley blocks and said "Hee-ya RyRy!  Hee-a RyRy!"  Took Riley a little bit of time to understand that Julia was trying to help.  We explained that it's our responsibility to teach her to put things away instead of pushing her away and telling her to stop handing blocks over.  Riley got it and then we started to help Julia put away horses, little people and other things in bins where they belonged.  It was so cute to see them work together and even more special to see them high fiving each other when it was all done.

Julia raced up the stairs "Come ohn Mommee!  Go up?!"  She wanted to brush her teeth and then went to bed.  Riley was very sweet and tired and fell asleep very easy.  Madi and I read Philippians 1 and a large portion of The Hunger Games Book 2.  She read sooo much of the book today and is loving it.  Was really great to have time with her as I didn't get to see much of her today.  Typical tween wrapped in her technology :)

And why so proud?  Just because of who they are.  How fun it is to watch them figure their world out and talk through things and listen to their thoughts.  And because they're just amazing little people who will one day grow up to be amazing Godly big people.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

An Amazing Gift

I have a very thoughtful daughter.  She always amazes me with her ability to think of others and empathize with them and to understand their feelings without having to be told to think about them.  She just does it naturally.

Today I took Riley and Julia to the mall.  We went to several stores.  Riley brought all of her allowance money - $11.  All but two dollars was made up of quarters, dimes and nickels.  She carried her purse with the cash/change in a baggie inside of it.  She was quite determined to find something she would love and that she could bring home.

So we went to Gap Kids as one of our first stops.  She's been looking at this puppy purse for a long, long time.  Has asked for it for over a month or two at least.  Well, it was finally on sale from $29 and was only $17.  There were only two blue ones left and she carried it while we looked around.  She really wanted it, but I told her that if she purchased it, it would be the only thing she could buy all day.  That she couldn't get anything else.  She thought about it and didn't want to put it on the shelf, but wasn't sure what to do.  So I asked a sales lady to hold it for us and told her we'd be back.  Riley told me as we left "Thank you for asking her to do that Mom."

Then we went to other stores.  One of our final stops is always Pottery Barn Kids.  The girls love to play in there.  Julia's favorite part is pushing dolls in the strollers and shopping carts and unbuckling/buckling them in and out of them.  She also loves to pretend to talk on the phone and to use the toaster/oven/sink in the back.  It's calm, quiet, clean and you don't have to worry about kids jumping on top of them like you do at the play area.  And the girls absolutely love it!

As we were leaving, Riley found a basket with stuffed animal dogs and cats in it.  She immediately picked up one dog and one cat.  She asked me how much they were and told me that she really wanted to get them.  I told her that she could afford them (I threw in a few dollars to help her get them) and she was very excited.  She told me how she was really, really excited that she could give Madi the cat and she could have the dog.  And that when Madison doesn't live with us anymore, that she will have the cat so she can always remember her and that she hopes she doesn't forget her.  I told her that Madi would still live with us for a while.  Riley responded with "I know, Mom.  I love her so much and I just want to buy it for her.  I think she'll love it."

Riley took her purse and the items to the counter.  She told the lady that she wanted to buy them and shared with her that she was getting them for her cousin Madi and one of them for her.  Riley then asked if she could have each of them in their own bags so she could open the door when she got home and call out "Madison!  I have something for you!" and surprise her with her own bag with a cat inside.

The lady at the counter thought she was just a doll!  So I helped count out the change and paid the lady.  All while Julia and Riley sat at a table and passed silverware and plates and talked together sweetly.  Jules then dumped all the silverware out and when I asked them to pick them up, they did and helped each other.  The lady at the counter was very impressed with their behavior and kept talking about how cute they were and how wonderful they were together.  Definitely a proud Mommy moment!  So proud that I thought about just buying her the dog purse to say "thank you for thinking of others," but decided against it because I didn't want her to think that when we give to others, that we get what we want to.  I wanted her to learn that giving to others is great enough by itself.  We did go back to GapKids and told them that we didn't want it.  Riley told her story to the lady and the lady was great about listening and smiling.  Was really sweet.

Riley said "thank you" several times as we left.  Julia pushed the stroller with her dolly until we got to the front where we found it.  Then she waved goodbye and said "Bye!" to the dolly and Riley reminded her that she'd get to see the dolly again when we returned to the mall the next time.

We then went to Gymboree to get some amazing deals on shirts for Julia - only $2 and $3!!!  Normally $24.95 and $21.95.  Got six shirts for $18 instead of spending almost $200.  Very pleased with that!  While paying for them, Riley cried because I wouldn't buy a $40 dress and Julia was screaming "out!  Out!"  because she didn't want to be in the stroller anymore.  I apologized to the lady at the counter who said "Must be nap or lunch time!"  I agreed and told her I was sorry for all the noise, but that we'd be out soon :)  And told her that I was embarrassed, but that thankfully it happened at the end of the shopping trip so I could still get the good deals.  She smiled and laughed and told me a story about her kids.  Made it an easier moment!

We left the store and girls played with this goo at a vendor in the middle of the mall.  They were laughing and jumping and having a blast.  I asked them to pass their "goos" to two girls who were coming to look at them.  Both of them handed it over without complaining and said "here you go!" and then started to walk on.  So proud of them for giving them to the new girls.  The mom was very thankful and amazed at their generosity.

We got home and sure enough, Riley entered the house with "Madison!  I have a surprise for you!"  She told Madi that she used her own allowance money to get the cat for her.  Madi wasn't sure what to think - she was so blown away by Riley's gift to her and the fact that she'd use her money for her.  Madi asked me "Did she really use her allowance money?"  And I told her that she had.  Madi was quite stunned.  Riley was so excited to give her a gift.  So thankful for Riley's big heart and thoughtfulness of others.

Monday, March 12, 2012

A Girl Who Knows What She Wants

Riley told us yesterday that she really wanted to go to school.  We thought she'd wake up and just stay home.  That it was something she wanted to do, but just for the moment.  We should have known better!

So this morning when Riley woke up, she immediately picked out her uniform, put it on, got her shoes and socks, picked up the bag with leftover pancakes in it and put on her backpack.  She goes "Mom, I'm ready for school now!"  I asked her if she really wanted to go.  She said that "Yes, I want to go to school so I can do my work and see my friends."  She was very excited to go.  Then I asked "Don't you want to stay home with me?"

Riley says "I do, but I really want to go to school.  How about I go to school in the morning so I can be with my friends and do my work and then you can pick me up before naptime and I can spend the afternoon with you?"

She was so excited to go and I didn't want to say "No!  You can't go to school!"  So of course she went and spent about three and a half hours at school.  Jules and I went to Walmart and she was so cute.  THe cash register lady got a kick out of her as she kept asking "Where did da baby go??"

Then we picked Riley up from school.  She learned about her five senses and came home telling us all about them.  Then we spent the afternoon "yarning" and playing with blocks, dinosaurs and little people.

Riley really wanted to learn how to "yarn" today so I decided to try to show her how to create chains with a crochet hook.  She loved it!!  And took to it quite easily.  She made a long enough link of chains that she made a belt for herself.  So we cut it and then went to playing with the other things.

Later in the afternoon, we went to Home Depot.  WPEQ1!PQ)#49z(454'Z(45'  (that was Julia typing)  :)

We got some flowers and put them in the pots out front.  Riley picked out the colors - purple and pink.  Then I put out three bags of mulch while the girls played and Julia sat in the stroller.

Madi and Riley went across the street and got to play with Brooke and Turner.  Then Brooke and Turner came over and played upstairs.  The girls had an awesome dinner with lots of fruit!  Now onto starting nighttime!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

High Heaven

I was changing Julia's diaper and it was smelly.  Most are.  We were at a friends' home and I apologized for how bad it smelled. Then Jeremy told Riley she'd probably want to stay away from where I was with Jules.

Riley walked past her and then said "Ew!  It smells of high heaven!"

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Too Small

Riley told me yesterday that she doesn't have many dresses and she's bored with the ones that she has.  She said that she really wants to go shopping and that it'd be fun to get new clothes. (I never say I'm bored of my clothes, but I do know where she gets the idea that shopping for new clothes is fun!)

So a while later, I go up in her room and she is surrounded by two large mountains of clothing.  We have seven bins in her closet that have clothes from 0-3 months through 4T.  And they're all organized by size so that when I pass them down to friends and their new baby girls, I know which sizes I'm giving them.

Riley tells me that there are many clothes in there that fit and "Look Mom!"  She is wearing a 2T dress.  She says "If the neck hole and the arm holes fit, then it fits me!  If I can't get it on, it doesn't fit!"  The dress is more like a long tshirt, but yes, it does go on her.  She even wore a 2T nighttime shirt and pants to bed last night.  Short in the arms and more like capri pants, but they worked.

We had a talk about how many of these clothes don't even fit Julia and that they are in bins for a reason.  That she has plenty of clothes in her closet and dresser and that if she wants to find more dresses, she should go shopping in our closet.  The reason being that she went through her closet and chose many cruise ride dresses that she set aside in our closet for the cruise.  And they are in one section, all organized.  She sounded very excited about getting dresses out of our closet.

Took some time to fold all the clothes and get them into the bins again.  When asked how many she had gone through, she quickly said "Only three."

Riley even arranged the ones that "fit" on hangers and hung them on four knobs of her dresser.  One hanger on each knob facing right and a second hanger in front of them hanging to the left so that the tops of the hangers form an oval.

Then I told her we could get some new dresses again some day.  Riley asked "Today??!!  Or Tomorrow?"  My answer was "One day, but not for a while."

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sweet Moment

Me:  Riley, can I tell you something?

We're getting ready to read a book tonight and go to sleep.  Very tender, quiet moment.

Riley:  Ok.

Me:  I think you're the most amazing four year old I know.

Riley (quiet for a moment):  I want you to call me Percy.

Parent/Teacher Conferences

Today was Riley's P/T conference.  Issue:  both of us needed to go to work!  There were only so many time slots to sign up for so I signed up for 10am in hopes that Jer might possibly be able to do a phone conference.  Which he was able to do thankfully!

Ms. Rashmi, Riley's teacher, is amazing.  As is Ms. Sharon, her other teacher.  The two of them have been a huge blessing this year and we've seen tremendous growth in Riley.

Ms. Rashmi told Jeremy that she was so very sad that we couldn't come in person because she wanted to brag on Riley and show us how incredible her work is.  She was really quite disappointed.  The good news is that we were able to hear all about how she is doing and what she is learning.

She said that she is "this" close to being able to read.  She'll start sending home beginner reader books with Riley so that she can read to us.  Riley has been doing great on sight words and we've known that we're getting closer, but didn't realize how soon it will be!  She also said that she is constantly asking her to write things and tell her how to spell things so she can write.

She doesn't often ask to do math work, but loves writing and reading.  If she is asked to do math, she'll do it.  She said that Riley always follows directions.  She makes good choices.  Ms.  Rashmi said that she is very inquisitive about the world around her.  Loves to share stories about what is going on at home and what she is learning at home.  She said she asks great questions.

Riley knows how to write her numbers very well and Ms. Rashmi said that she is working with her to work up to the 200s because she knows she can do it.  Wow.

There was nothing negative said and nothing to work on other than what we have been doing - writing, reading, counting, IXL, etc...  Ms. Rashmi loves her and is extremely happy with her progress this year.

So incredibly proud!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Madison!!

So our niece turns eleven on Monday and we tried figuring out what kind of party to do.  Jumpstreet (indoor trampolining place) was $23 a person!!  And that was before any food.  Going to a hotel with two friends would have cost over $200 a night plus food and things to do.  I briefly joked with Jeremy "Heck - for the money we'd pay for this party, we could get a brand new tv for our bedroom!"  Hmmmm....

So yea - we went that route and got a new tv for free using credit card points that we'd saved.  And we also purchased two blue ray players as our dvd player is making dying noises.

Tonight is the big event.  At the moment, the girls are all upstairs in their sleeping bags watching the movie "Aquamarine."  Has been a really great party so far.

To sum it up:

Decorations - involved tissue paper poms (making them out of tissue paper, floral wire, and then making accordion folds in it and foofing them out), tablecloths with polka dots in bright colors

Party Favors - I crocheted every girl a hat with a flower in their favorite color.  Then we put together baggies with candy inside.

Food - Chick Fila chicken nuggets, four bags of chips, five kinds of pop

Dessert - Bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes and an ice cream bar consisting of trays with nine kinds of candy and BlueBell vanilla and chocolate ice cream.

Movie - Aquamarine

There were fourteen girls at the house.  Fourteen.  It was a total blast!!!  Until it happened.

A few hours into the party, one of the girls came to me and said "Mrs. Grant, your bathroom is flooding."

I said "Are you serious?"

She goes "Would I ever lie to you?"

And I said "No, I know you wouldn't."  And walked through the kitchen to the hallway and saw water pouring - and I mean pouring out everywhere.  Carpet was wet and the bathroom had at least and inch or two of water.  So I quickly walked through the water and shut off the water supply to the toilet.  Argh.

We used several towels to sop up what we could and then used a pan to scoop up the water into a bucket.  Then Jeremy got out the wet and dry vacuum from the garage.  We used it and got most of it up.  Oh.  My.  Goodness.  so stressful.  So we will be needing a carpet cleaner and a plumber now.  $$$  Cha Ching $$$

Thankfully the party itself has been a huge success.  The girls all got along.  There were a few moments of craziness, but all in all, they were well behaved.

When it came time to open the gifts, Riley sat right next to Madi and Riley on the other side of her.  She loved being involved with all of the girls.  We had all of the girls gifts in bags on a table near Madi's gifts.  Riley asked everyone "So - who wants to open their hats???!!"  And said it several times loudly.  There was no denying what they were getting!  :)

Praying that all goes great tonight and that we don't have any more flooding!