Saturday, May 26, 2012

Field Day

Riley had field day today at school.  They had a big bounce house.  And they were able to run around in their swimsuits in the sprinklers and get sprayed with the hose.  She also had a butterfly painted on her face and wore her new field day tshirt that she and her teachers created.  She was totally exhausted, but loved every minute!

Proud of her LMA shirt!

Mischievous face :)

So tired!!!

Montessori 5 class

Favorite Part of the Day

Jeremy:  So Riley - what was your favorite part of the day?
Riley:  The whole thing.  Don't ask me again because I'll tell you the same thing and then you'll be annoyed.  And you don't need to ask me tomorrow because it'll be the same thing and you'll just get annoyed.

I enjoy being a girl

Julia is as girly as can be.  Loves to use a brush just like me to put on her "powder."  It's actually puffed into the top of the container where no powder comes out, but she loves it anyway.  She loves to brush her hair, have me blow dry her hair, put on lotion and asks now to wear dress up clothes by saying "I be pincess!"  (princess)

Today as we're getting ready to go to bed, Julia opens up the cabinet door in our bathroom and takes out a pantyliner as fast as possible, slams the door and runs into the hallway.  I yell out "Jules!!  Come back, Jules!"  Jeremy calls out "Julia!  What are you doing?"

She just giggles.  Then stops and takes the pantyliner out of the wrapper.  She just looks at us and smiles and then opens her diaper to put it in there.  She has to work pretty hard to get it shoved in and we're just laughing.  She is very proud of herself.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

American Girl Doll Clothes!

I have finally hooked up my sewing machine and made a few items for Riley, Madi and their dolls.  Here are the matching pj pants for McKenna and Riley!

Molluscum Warts

Julia has molluscum warts on the bottom of her belly and her upper thigh.  Dr. said to put clear nail polish on them and that they should fall off in a few weeks or less or more.  Just depends on how they do.  Why, oh why, must Julia get all of these strange sicknesses and skin things??

I put the nail polish on and she thought it was really funny.  She lay so still and was sweet as could be.  Hoping they fall off soon! Ewww...

2 Year Check-Up

We have yet to have an uneventful well-visit at Dr. Stellman's office.  The first visit when Julia was a few weeks old had the nurses trying to stay dry as Julia peed all over the scale and table.  Another visit a while later, Riley opened a bag of graham crackers and had crumbs covering the floor and chair.

Today we had Julia's 2 year old well-visit.  A little late due to sickness and meetings and events, but we made it.  So with three girls in tow, we got there a little early.  Julia decided that it was the perfect time to sit in every chair possible and then try to hide underneath them.  Definitely a shower night whenever we go see the doc anyway, but I knew for sure we'd be doing a very thorough cleaning tonight.

We had to wait for a good 15 minutes or so (what happens when you arrive early - ugh).  Riley told me she had to go potty.  So I took Julia and Riley into the bathroom while Madi stayed in the lobby and read her book.

As soon as we entered the bathroom, Julia spotted this oversized two step stool.  It was literally as tall as she is and twice as wide.  Riley is trying to unbutton her skirt while Julia is lifting the stool in the air grunting.  The stool is flipping sideways and Jules is making noise.  I go over to help Riley unbutton her skirt as fast as possible because she was laughing.  Hard.  And sure enough it happens.

Her skirt is wet, her panties soaked and she barely makes it on the potty while I am putting her on and quickly grabbing Julia off the stop of the step stool.  Both girls are laughing hysterically.  I was racking my brain as to how to solve this.  For I didn't have a diaper bag (came straight from work - never thought about having one) and I didn't have a change of clothes for her.  Panties are so soaked there was no way I was going to take them home - to the trash they went and I informed the ladies at the desk about it.  Skirt was very wet on the bottom so it could not be worn home.

Julia begins to put her hands on the sink and is swinging back and forth.  I mean seriously??!!  Riley is continuing to laugh and laugh.  I think through our options.  Nothing is sounding good.

I look down at what I am wearing and the shirt is baggy and has an elastic waistband.  It would be long enough to cover Riley's bottom and as long as she kept her legs down, we'd be fine.  And I had a white undershirt on (though somewhat see-through) so I could keep Julia in front of me during the visit and just go with it.  So I gave Riley my shirt and she was giggling.

What a beautiful shirt - I mean dress!

We made it through the appointment.  Though Julia got hungry, wanted a chocolate bar and then cried/screamed loudly while Dr. Stellman was talking.  She kept saying "I want chocolate!!!  I want chocolate!!"  Actually it sounded more like "I wah choh-clate!"  He just smiled and I apologized for the loud behavior.  He told me "this is nothing!"  And while I felt better, it was so loud and I just couldn't want to leave.

We got in the car and being that it is 98 degrees outside, the seats were hot.  Riley was like "Ouch!  It's burning my butt!"  Then she tells me "Mom, today was the most embarrassing and hilarious day of my life!"

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Family Pics 2012

My friend Jenny Harry is so blessed with being an amazing photographer.  We recently went to Beard (or Breard) Park in Little Elm for family photos.

Our beautiful Riley!

My mom and Jules and Riley

Our gorgeous niece Madi

I love this man!

Lucy and Ethel and the girls :)

My amazing parents and the girls

Sweet Jules

It's the Little Things

I tucked Julia into bed tonight and thought about our nightly routine.  How simple it is:  books, prayer, songs, cuddle time, tuck-in.  And how incredibly special it is every night we do it.

There is so much repetition to it.  Without fail, Julia always wants us to sing "Happy B'day to you!"  And then she names everything we need should sing happy birthday to.  "Sing Bapah! (grandpa)  Sing to Ryee (Riley)!  Sing doohh (door)!  Sing to doggie!"  So we sing the song over  and over.  Then she loves to hear "Twinkle Star."  Sometimes she'll even sit up in my arms and say "No sing!!"  And put her finger to my mouth.  And then start to laugh hysterically!

Every night the same motorcycle comes down our street.  Julia LOVES motorcycles!!  Gets very excited whenever she hears one or sees one.  So she sits up and says "Where motorcycle go?"  If we repeat the question to make sure we understood what she is saying, she will say "I don't know!"

As soon as she is tucked in, I rub her back.  And every night she asks me "Get in, Mommy!"  I always pretend to try to get my leg over her crib and say "I'm too big, Juju!"  And then she laughs.

I love the little things.  And I will very much miss them as she grows.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

So Loved

Today was a not-so-fun day.  I've caught the dreaded stomach flu that is going around and have spent the day either in bed or on the loo.  My body is tired.  And my stomach still will not stop cramping.  Amazing how you take health for granted and forget what it feels like to be sick.

Tonight Riley asked me to come and see something.  I had been staying away from the kids and Jeremy in hopes that none of them get this.  So I didn't want to get too close to them.  I asked Riley if it was important.  She said it was very important.  And then told me I needed to come in the kitchen and look at the floor.

I asked her if she had swept the floor.  She said "Yes!  I swept the whole thing and got the whole thing wet and then dried it.  I felt bad for you being sick so I wet the kitchen floor and swept the whole thing for you.  I just feel so bad for you and wanted to help you.  Because I love you."

Truly made my day.  Was such a gift of love to this sick Mommy.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mother's Day

I woke up to find Riley and Jeremy sitting at the edge of the bed.  This is a rarity as I'm usually the first one up!  They were both smiling and Riley sweetly said "Happy Mother's Day!"  They had two cards for me.  One was from the kids.  Riley signed her name and Julia's name and Madi had written "I love you Aunt Jess!"  Then the next card was from Jeremy with two birds on it and it sang the song "I got you babe."  Was very sweet.

I went downstairs to find Jeremy setting a brand new picture frame above our fireplace.  We just had family photos taken and he knew I was hoping to have some of them enlarged to put around the house.  So excited!!!  Was a wonderful gift.

We all went to church this morning and it was a really great service.  Then we came home only to turn around to take the van in to get an oil change.  Then finally arrived at home to stay.  I put Jules down while Jeremy put Riley's ceiling fan in.  Then went to work at making some American Girl doll clothes.  Only with two girls around you constantly, asking questions and talking and moving around and such, it took me an hour to make a shirt.  Argh... the pattern was written horribly!  Thankfully it came out really great and fits her doll perfectly!!

Once Jules woke up, Jeremy put in Julia's new ceiling fan.  Then we all met my mom at Buca for dinner.  We got to sit at the chef table to watch them prepare the food.  Jules loved seeing the fire and kept saying "Uncle Jim!!"  whenever she'd see him come over.  He was the Expo tonight.  In other words, he yelled at the cooks as to what they are supposed to make :)  He did an awesome job!

My mom had spent her Mother's Day making outfits for the girl's dolls.  They have matching cheetah print pants with rick rack at the bottom.  Riley's doll has a black tshirt with cheetah print pocket and Madi's doll has a cheetah print top.  Madi created a little arrow and bow set.  Looks awesome!!

Proud Moment

Julia and Riley spent some time the other day sitting at the table coloring.  I spent time with them and then left the room to clean up some things in the kitchen.  About two minutes later, Julia bolted into the room holding a dark purple marker along with lots of purple lines all over her arms and hands and face.  She was so proud as she said "Look!!  I DID IT!!!!!!!"

Friday, May 11, 2012

Early Mother's Day

Riley was so excited to show me what she made me for Mother's Day that she could hardly contain it in the car.  We were driving to a friend's house and she wanted to hold the gift.  I asked her to wait to open it until I could open it with her.  But she was too excited so she opened it and tried to show me everything!

I was most impressed with how she read her paper to me and told me the things that she had written down.

My mom is 34 years old.
My mom weighs 30 pounds.
My mom's favorite color is purple.
My mom's favorite food is pasta.
My mom always says "Riley."
My mom cooks the best ramen.
My mom's job is music teacher.
My mom laughs when tickle.
If my mom had time, she would love to play.
My mom and I like to play while Julia takes naps. (Riley informed me that this was what she was meaning to say.  What she wrote was "My mom and I like to take nap.")
My mom really loves reading.
I LOVE my mom because she reads book to me when its night time.
By Riley

Most precious thing ever!  Then she made up a Mother's Day song and repeated it over and over in the car.  Very cute.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Julia is over eating at the table and I was in the kitchen.  She asked for water in a big girl cup so I gave it to her and she went over to drink it. She came into the kitchen, grabbed a washcloth out of the drawer and walked back in.

I saw her setting it flat on the chair and trying to get it just right.

Me:  What'cha doing?

Jules: I pillow (what it sounded like)

Me:  Pillow?

Juless:  No Mommy.  I spillow.

Me:  Oh you spilled!

Jules:  Yes.  I spill.  I wipe up.

Sure enough.  She had gone into the kitchen for a washcloth to clean up the mess she had made.  Too cute.

And earlier got mad at Riley for throwing away the wrapper that was hers.

Jules:  Dat mine Riyeee!!  I trow away!!

No No Drama...

Galations 6:9 has become my mantra the past few days.  "Do not grow weary in doing good..."  It goes on to mention that we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

Has been a trying week.  No planning period for two days due to third grade musical rehearsal (my own choosing as we needed the rehearsal, but made for long teaching days).  Riley crying every morning.  Julia crying every afternoon after school.  Both due to not getting food fast enough, getting food but not the kind they wanted, food being too hot, food getting too cold.  Madi talking and mumbling constantly.  Constantly.  I mean non-stop talking.  And having to ask many times to have her say it again as I can not understand what is being said.  Then finding out it was a joke or something that made no sense at all.  And trying to be patient without saying "ok.  whatever."  Meetings after school.  Prep for talent show for next week.  Girl drama due to talent show acts.  Calgon - take me away!!!  Definitely had time to practice living out this verse!

Today Madi and three friends were told they could come inside to their classroom to practice during recess for their talent show act.  They were trusted to make the right choice and rehearse in the room by themselves as their substitute teacher had recess duty.  Hmm... thinking that trust was broken for the rest of the year.  And also thinking that wasn't a good choice in the first place.  However, the responsibility to make the right choice then rested on them as they were trusted with it.

Madi's talent show partner chose to go outside and play as did her friend Talia's friend.  So that left half of each act practicing and the other half outside.  Strange.  As I told her later, it's better to practice an act that is for two people with those two people.  Anyway.

Come to find out that Madi couldn't access the song she needed on YouTube (due to district changing what is allowed on YouTube) so she thought it would be okay to go into her friend's locker and her friend's backpack and find her friend's iPod to use.  Mind you - they have had lecture after lecture about respect for others' property - not taking things out of their backpacks, etc...  as Hailey's iPad and iPhone were both lost and potentially stolen out of her bag a few weeks ago.  So it's been a huge topic in her classroom.  But Madi wanted to practice and figured she could get it out anyway.  So she did.

The girls practiced their songs a time or two.  Then decided to get out a stuffed animal eagle and throw it around the room.  They were loud enough with it that a teacher who had her class at a bathroom break (and the bathrooms are loud!) could hear them yelling and laughing loudly and chose to walk into the room to find out what was going on.  It was very obvious that they weren't doing the right thing and practicing.  So another teacher was brought in to talk with them as she needed to get back to her class.  They were then sent outside on recess.  Madi told her friend that they had used her iPod.  Her friend became very upset because it meant that she had gone through her things to use it.  And she didn't have permission to use it.

The girls all came into my room while I was teaching second grade.  Totally not okay as Madi knows it is not okay to interrupt teaching time to deal with girl drama.  They wanted to talk about all the changes they were making to their talent show act so I sent them out and told them I would be down there when my class was over.

I made my way down the hall toward Madi's classroom to hear her teacher trying to get her to come out in the hall to talk with the other girls and to understand what had happened.  They were explaining it.  Madi said she was borrowing it.  To which she learned (from us and Mrs. Campbell) that borrowing means you have permission to take it.  This was not borrowing.  This was stealing.  As Jeremy put it, "If I borrowed someone's car to drive around for a little while and brought it back, it's not borrowing.  I had stolen it."  She was asked to work it out with the girls.  Mrs. Campbell had to ask her twice to apologize to which Madi said a quick 'sorry' and went on with things.  She asked her how she would feel if someone used her iPod without permission.  Madi told her that she wouldn't have a problem with it - "I wouldn't care" was the response.  The girls worked it out and Madi was very nonchalant about the whole thing.  "Oh - we worked it out.  All is good!"  And off she sauntered to class.  Totally okay with it.

Jeremy and I talked about it for a good 30 minutes or so to figure out how to handle it.  Not punishment for punishments sake or to make her feel bad - because she'd feel more mad than bad about it.  But to truly make her understand that taking someone else's property is not okay.  That it is small decisions like this that will lead her to making bigger decisions later on.  She didn't feel that it was wrong.  And she was very much okay with what had happened.

So we had a talk with her tonight about property, respect for others' things, thinking before acting and how trust can be easily lost as well as built slowly.  We also talked about what could have happened had they played with it, put it back and then come back into the room to find it was missing.  They would have been responsible.

Our discipline for her is that she is tech-free starting tonight through Sunday morning.  Living unhooked from all technology - unless Monica calls or she has to do FasttMath.  Giving her time to think about things.  As we told her, saying "Don't do it again" or "that's your warning" doesn't work with her because she just thinks of other ways to get away with things and is always trying to work the angles to see what she can get away with rather than being okay with following rules given her.  Part of what makes her smart.  And part of what could ruin her future if not harnessed correctly.

So that was today in a nutshell.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Honest Words

Loving others.  Respecting others.  Speaking kind words.  We've tried to instill the right things for our kids to speak to others.  And now we've hit the honesty point where whatever a five year old thinks, a five year old speaks.

Riley shared with me some things that happened at school recently:

"Mom, I don't want to sit next to brown people.  They smell.  Even their moms and dads and grandpas and grandmas.  They smell."

So we talked about the Indian culture and their foods and the fact that people all smell different.

Another story to share:

R:  "Mom, I went over to Joshua and I saw his dad.  And I told him his dad was fat and had a fat belly."

Me:  What did Joshua say?

R:  He told me not to say that about his dad.  And I just said "Well, he is just plain old fat."

So we talked about being kind to others and what they look like.

Today's story:

R:  There are two girls in class who like to trick kids and then they don't play with them.  They were going to do this to Parker, but then I went and played with Parker.  I didn't play with them because they weren't being nice.  And they told another girl that she smelled bad.  I didn't tell her she smelled bad.  But she does smell bad.  They always tell her and she doesn't like it.  So I didn't tell her that.  But she does smell bad.  But I like her and so I played with her.  Today I was the line leader.

Me:  So how do you become the line leader?

R:  I was sitting quietly on the rug on the line and Ms. Sharon asked me to be the line leader.  And I was the only one who walked down the hall quietly.  No one else did.  And my teachers told the class that everyone was being bad and doing the wrong thing except for me.  They said I was the only one listening.

Me:  How did that make you feel?

R:  I felt good that I was doing the right thing.

Me:  As you should.  Keep it up girl!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Happy Birthday Riley!

Riley has been SO excited to be turning five for a while.  She thought that she'd be turning five on the day of her party and was very upset that she was still only four because she wanted to be five.  "Mom, I will just pretend that I am five, but I will know that I am really still just four.  But I'll just pretend."  Well, no more pretending!

One of the first things she asked today was:  "Am I really, truly five now?  Really??  So I get to start Kindergarten tomorrow?"

We had told her that she'd start Kindergarten when she was five.  And now that she's five, she's all ready to just quit preschool and go right into Kinder.  Frankly, I am too.  Soooo excited to be teaching at her school!

This morning Jeremy, Julia and I went into her room and woke her up by singing Happy Birthday.  She smiled really big.  Was precious.  She insisted that she didn't have to wear her uniform today because she was the birthday girl.  Being that another student had dressed up for her birthday on Monday, I let her wear a special outfit.  However, we brought her uniform just in case she had to change.

All morning she referred to herself as "The Birthday Girl."  I pinned her special birthday pin on her shirt, grabbed the posterboard and then we headed out the door.  We stopped at the Donut store (literally, the name of the store is "Donut.") and picked up two dozen donuts.

Riley was skipping through the hallway and very eager to show off her birthday pin to all her friends and the teachers.  She is so proud to be five.  When she sat down in the cafeteria, all of her friends came over and wished her a happy birthday and crowded around her.  One of the little girls goes "I am her good friend!"  Another friend said "Hi Riley's Mom!"  They are precious kids.

Around 2:30pm, my dad went to Riley's school to celebrate her birthday with her class.  They all had their donuts and my dad said it was a great time.  Then he took her with him and they went back to his work to pick up my mom.  Then came to our house and hung out for a little while.

At the end of the day, I was putting Jules to sleep and Riley came in and said "I love you Mom!  I love you Jules!"  She gave us both really big hugs and went to bed to read with Jeremy.  So proud of our little girl.  And loving the person she is becoming.