Thursday, September 27, 2012

Julia, Julia

Never a dull moment!  Two days ago she bit a boy.  Yesterday the teacher told her to go to the bathroom so she headed in there.  A little girl came in and wanted to go.  Julia told her "No!" and pushed her.  The girl pushed back and they pushed a few times until Julia's slick shoes slipped on the tile and she landed with her mouth hitting the toilet and busted it open on her top lip.  Thankfully, no stitches!  But a nice bruiser with plenty of puff in the middle.  Her teacher told us she stands up for herself really well and doesn't take anything from anybody.  Thinking that will come in handy if she can really learn how to use it correctly and stop pushing/biting!

Tonight I got a Julia night.  Before bed, Riley turned on a song and said "Mom!  You have to hear this!  It's your favorite singer!"  Sure enough - Michael Buble was crooning out her iPod.  And Christmas music at that!  Love it.  So Riley, Jules and I started dancing in Riley's room.  Was so fun.  I told Jeremy to join in, but he didn't look too enthused until Julia said sweetly "Come on Dad!"  So we swayed and danced around the room until the song ended.  Though Julia was bummed because she wanted more dancing!!

She gave Riley a big hug and said "Good night my big sister!!"

We read six books (short ones and a long Dora... Swiper no Swiping!), heard a motorcycle outside ("I no be scared of da moercycle.  I be safe in here and it be outside!"), then Julia decided her nightly bathroom break had come ("I need to go poo berry badly!" - very badly that is).  We got in the bathroom and she insisted on sitting like Riley does rather than sitting on her smaller seat top.

She goes "Mom - wisten to dis!  I goin faht!"  And then it began.  And kept going and going and going.  Never knew toddlers had so much gas!  The more she farted, the more she laughed and loud!!  She'd give me warnings "Here it come again!"  heee hee  hahahaha hAAAAhh!  Took a few minutes and she finally produced something.

She ran to her room like she always does and plopped on her lower bed.  Then screamed like crazy and started bawling her eyes out.  She wasn't hurt.  She said she was scared and it took me holding her and singing a few songs before she relaxed and calmed down.  Eyes started rolling back and she fighting off sleep.  We ended with Silent Night and I said goodnight and she went down easy.  Such a sweet, crazy, amazing girl.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Upper Respiratory Infection

Took Riley to the doc today.  Actually, I met my mom there around 3:45pm and then quickly made it home by 4pm to do four piano lessons.  So very very thankful for her sacrificing her time to help get Riley to the doc and allow me to still do the lessons.

Riley has congestion in her throat and upper respiratory area.  Her lungs are not as bad.  Doc said to keep an eye on it and if it is worse or not getting better by Thursday, he'll call in a prescription.

The Art of Self Defense

We have no doubt that Julia will stand up for herself.  We've seen it time and again.  And it happened to show itself again today.  Just hoping she learns a new way of defending herself!

On the playground this morning, Julia was riding on one of the horses.  They rock forward and back and she loves them.  A little boy decided he wanted to ride it so he pushed her.  She attacked back and bit him hard on the left arm.  Then sat in time out for two minutes.

When Jeremy told me about it while he was driving in the car, Julia overheard him and grinned.  Glad to know she won't let kids push her around.  And at the same time, wish she would stop biting!!

Tonight Julia showed her truly sweet side.  After asking Riley to head out of Julia's room so that I could put her to bed, Julia cried out "I want my big sister!  I want my big sister Riley!"  Riley came over and said "Oh Jules!  You are so sweet!  I love my little sister!"  Then they hugged.  Julia said "I love my big sister!"  It was precious.  Love these moments!!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

My Mom, The Music Teacher

Mrs. Thompson, the V.P., came into Riley's class the other day to read a story about feelings.  The kids talked about their feelings.  One kid said they missed their mom.  Another said that they were really sad that their mom wasn't at school and they missed her. Riley raised her hand and blurted out "Mrs. Thompson!  Mrs. Thompson!  I don't have to worry about that because my mom is the music teacher!"

Computer Whiz

A mom at school saw me at lunch the other day and said "Your daughter is a whiz on the computer!"  Mrs. E told me that she didn't know what she would do if Riley wasn't there helping students log on to the computers.  She said that Riley is her computer helper and logs herself in so fast that she can then point to students who need help getting on.  Riley loves it!  She gets to help kids and loves that.

Riley told me that the other day she logged into the little computers and they are really slow.  And for some reason her computer was faster than all the others.  That "those other poor kids" in class were so sad because they didn't get to do anything on them, but that Riley was able to log in and play because her computer was so fast.  I didn't explain that it was because she was fast to log in.  Just said "so glad you were able to play and help the other kids log in too!"

Croup is Here

3:30am wake up today.  Riley had a bad dream where Madi and all her friends got to eat ice cream, but she didn't.  She woke up coughing.  So I went in her room and tried to sleep the rest of the night.  She wasn't restless, but her breathing was strange so I stayed up just listening to her.  Thankful for the humidifier!  She was awake at 6:30am and we got right up.  Went downstairs and snuggled on the couch to watch a show.  Julia then woke up and all of us sat on the couch together.  Was very sweet.

Julia woke up this morning with a slight chesty cough and tons of snot.  She's been fighting a cold which is often the beginning stage of croup.  Being that Riley is fighting croup, it's very likely Julia has it as well.  By the end of today, both were coughing and very tired.  We spent 20 minutes in the steamy bathroom.  We played with legos on the lego table.  And then we painted toe nails and fingernails while we breathed in the steamy air.  The girls handled it great.

Since croup is mostly caught by other children (and the party we were supposed to go to today had many children at it), we chose to not go to the party.  Did not want to infect other kids.

My mom went to RI to visit Jon and Allison and hadn't seen the girls in a few weeks.  She wasn't sure she wanted to see them today as they were not feeling well, but after an hour or so, she called to ask if we could come over.  Jeremy and Madi stayed home so I took Riley and Jules to my parents' house.

We made some Christmas ornaments, went to Michaels to get Halloween decorations for my mom's front porch, and spent time playing.  Julia would not take a nap the entire time we were there (thinking it was due to ice cream right before her nap- ha!).  So we went home around 4:15pm.  Five minutes into the drive, she was asleep.  Though she woke up as soon as we were home and didn't go back to sleep.  Tonight ended up being an early bedtime.  She was asleep by 7pm!!!!  Loving that!  First time in weeks that she has gone to sleep before 9pm and I don't even know what to do with two hours of free time.

Friday, September 21, 2012

One Month

Just finished one month of school already!!  And I've been able to work every day so far!  Last year the girls were so sick, I had already taken some of my days off to be home with them.  Thankful to be able to go to work this year!

Though Riley woke up this morning and had the barking seal cough.  Continued to have it this morning, but her symptoms improved.  Tonight the barking seal cough came back.  Treated her for croup = steamy shower for 20 plus minutes in the bathroom while we sat and colored; cool mist humidifier going in her room tonight; tylenol to ease pain.  We are supposed to go to a birthday party for her cousins.  Hoping to still make it, but want to make sure she won't be passing this along to them!

Choir starts on Monday.  Looking forward to working with the choir students!  So many of them.  Should be a good year.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Best Friend

Julia is about to go down for her nap.  I put her down yesterday and had last night.  Jer and I always swap days on weekends so that each of us has one nap to chill.  We were upstairs talking in the hallway.

Julia:  I want a Mommy Night!

Jer:  I get to have you, Jules!

Julia:  I want a Mommy Night!

Me:  Jules, Daddy loves you too and he can't wait to spend time with you!

Jer:  Riley said she'd be happy to read the book with me again tonight so you can have a Mommy night again tonight!  I'll have you for nappy-nap.

Julia:  Mommy the best friend.

We both looked at each other and just awwed.  It was precious.  So I am her best friend.  Hoping she still thinks that when she is older too!!

Saturday, September 15, 2012


One of my coworkers told me that they can't wait to sleep in on Saturday morning.  I simply nodded and said that I hoped her weekend was great.  I knew my weekend would be great and I was very hopeful to be able to sleep in - at least until 7am.  For some reason, our girls need to be woken up most days through the week, but without fail, they are up by 6am on weekends.  Today was no exception.

5:45am - Julia wakes up and goes into Riley's room to wake her up.
5:46am - Riley takes Jules to the bathroom and turns the light on for her (in her words, "because I love her, Mom!"
5:50am - The two girls come into our room and climb up into bed.  Riley is laying very still and quiet.  Julia is bouncing all over the bed while making silly sounds and giggling non-stop.

Was precious time with the girls.  We then went downstairs and got breakfast.  We tested out Julia's arm with peanut butter and she had no reaction at all.  Would be amazing and such a blessing to have two girls without allergies to nuts.  Jeremy brought home some unbelievable cinnamon rolls with walnuts.  Julia ate them and had no reaction!!  Other that pure joy for how delicious they tasted.  Plates totally cleaned off and the rolls were loved very much.

Madi woke up around 7am and had a good night of sleep.  She spent her morning playing with Riley and doing things with their american girl dolls.  Later in the day she began working on her math project, but was quite moody about it.  She didn't fully read the directions and so it didn't turn out the way it was supposed to.  She was sulking and pouting and crying.  Always incredibly difficult to deal with a tween who is so smart but unmotivated and lazy.  Essay is about an article she read and how it relates to math.  She kept writing things just to write them.  Her essay had several sentences that read "There are probably millions of inferences out there, but I bet only a few are actually probable.  This is a very interesting article bringing forth thoughts of wonder and amazement from the reader.  It's so amazing that I am still not sure I believe it.  I mean how crazy is that?"  Sentence structure is great, but it truly had nothing to do with anything and was filler.  She spent much time just trying to fill her page rather than actually summarizing the article.  She said that the article was the summary.  We explained that it was her job to summarize what was written - that the article was the article.  Her words were to be the summary.  Ugh.

Later in the day, we had friends who graciously let us use their truck to get the armoire from my parents' house so that we could bring it into the kitchen.  We are SO excited about it!  The girls will now have a place for their backpacks and we can keep our clutter off the higher counter in the kitchen.  We spent some time rearranging things and hanging up pictures/iron work on the walls.  The dinette now looks more cozy.  I love it!!

We took the truck back and then spent the night at home.  Jules wanted to watch lots of Dora and Curious George today.  Both girls were very, very tired today.  Both went to sleep before 8:30pm.  Awesome!


The last few weeks have been fabulous for running!  Each week has gotten a little cooler - 100 then 97 then yesterday was in the high 70s.  Loved it!!  Both Riley and Madi wanted to go running with me so I told them they could and we all got our laces tied and running shorts on.  I usually love to go by myself as they can't always sustain the running for long, but figured it'd be fun to go out the three of us.

They did really great!!  We sprayed lots of 'Off' on as the mosquitoes have been proven to have West Nile Virus (or at least, some have infected people).  We did intervals of running and walking.  Riley would go zooming ahead of us and Madi would be in front of me and I'd be at the back of the pack.  We did a loop around the neighborhood and went a mile.  Madi went inside, but Riley insisted she wanted to go again with me.  So we did the mile loop again.  It was a little drizzly but felt fabulous.  Riley made it no problem the whole mile doing interval walking and never complained about being tired.  She has the most amazing stamina!!!

We got home and showered and I put her to bed.  She slept with no problems (or course!).

Julia woke up Riley at 5:45am and then they came and woke me up right away.  We went downstairs and got the morning started.  Another early Saturday!

Good Dreams

In the middle of the night as I was sleeping, Riley walked into the room and said:

"My movie is over.  Can you fast forward the dvd to the end?"

I was totally confused.  Jeremy had fallen asleep downstairs and came into the room and she asked him the same thing.  Guess she had enjoyed a great movie in her dreams!  She went right back to sleep in her room.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Party at Our Place!

After school today, Riley and her friend Kyah were talking about recess.  Riley tells me that they went around to all the kids at recess and invited them to a party.  A Christmas Party.  And that there would be marshmallows!!!  Kyah said they would roast marshmallows outside.  Then Riley insisted that we had a fire inside our house (fireplace) and that we could just make the marshmallows inside our house instead.  And that the kids would all go play and watch movies.

I asked her where the party was going to be.  Kyah said it was at our house!  Riley said that she had an idea in her heart and that it went right up to her head as she was on the swings at recess.  She decided that it would be a great idea to invite the other kids to a Christmas party at our house!  And that she is sooo excited about it!

She told me that one boy said he couldn't go because he didn't know her.  And that another girl, who seemed not so nice at first, decided that she would definitely go immediately.  That she was super, super, super, super sweet!  And that she can't wait!

Last week Riley had tons of plans for having playdates and this week she is all about planning parties that are going to happen at our house.  Her eyes get so wide and open when she talks about the party.  Very excited about her idea!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012


This morning I did the usual routine:  makeup, hair, shower, etc...   As I went to do my makeup, I noticed that I had pink streaks near my hair line.  Looked as though someone had drawn on my face with pink marker, but I couldn't figure out who would have drawn on my face and why they would have done it at the top of my forehead.  So I used a little more powder to hide the marks.

I told one coworker that I got the strangest sunburn at my hairline on my forehead.  She was like "Oh!  I see it!"

Then later at school, a student said "Cool hair, Mrs. Grant! I love the pink highlights!"  I was totally confused and said "Pink hair?"  Other students said things like "Oh yeah!  I love it!  I see it too!"

Sure enough - I had several pink chunks of hair that were a bright pink.

I told Jeremy about it and just couldn't figure out how it had happened until tonight.  I went for a run and then gave myself and the girls their showers.  Julia got out and brushed her hair.  Then Riley used the other brush - the one I used this morning - on her hair.  I looked at her forehead and she had chunks of dark pink all over it.  I asked her where she got the pink marks on her forehead and then wiped them off.

Jeremy and I looked at it and then realized that something must have been rubbed onto the brush and then transferred to our hair.  We asked if Julia had put something on the brush and she replied "Yes!"  So it's either marker or lipstick.  We couldn't find the source of the color, but we have no doubt about who did it!  So Riley will be going to school tomorrow with very light pink hair streaks as we couldn't get it out.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Fabulous Saturday

My parents had Julia all day for her special day with them.  They took her to a friend's house where she got to play with some girls and loved it!  She even took a three hour nap for them!  We took a day off of treating her bumps to put some cream on the skin and let it heal.  Then we'll start it up again in a few days.  Poor thing has so many red spots from the ACV and the bandages.

Madi and Jeremy worked on her da Vinci project pretty much all day long.  She has done an outstanding job on it!  It looks amazing!!  She wrote a short paragraph that really didn't say anything and said a lot of general statements like "da Vinci made a lot of inventions!  Wow, that was amazing!" so I had her rewrite it and went on the computer while she was on the other one and we looked up what he did and how it helped society.  Then talked about how she could expand on what he did rather than just saying "He invented the helicopter."  The paragraph has to explain what he invented and how it made a difference and changed how we do things.  When she rewrote it, it was amazing!!!  It's now an outstanding piece of work rather than something thrown together just to get it done.

She'll finish taping and gluing the information on her board tomorrow and then hopefully have plenty of game time in the afternoon after church!!

Riley and I played in the playroom for a while.  I had five loads of laundry to put away so as she was playing something by herself, I started sorting and getting that done.  She came in to see what I was doing and I walked to her room and told her I was putting clothes away.  Little did I know she went back into our room, picked up a huge load of Julia's clothes and took them to Julia's room!  I saw her carry them but thought she'd just set them on her bed.  Instead Riley put all of Julia's laundry away by herself!

Then she came back into our room and I put away some items while she put away all of Jeremy's clothes!  I told her thank you and she said "Well, Mom - I am your little helper!" (which is what I always call her)  After we did the laundry, we went and played more in the playroom.

Jeremy and Madi ran out of tape for the project which made me think of Walmart.  So Riley said she'd go with me.  We got dressed, got our list together and headed out!  She was so excited about going to the store!

Riley rode in the cart and drew in her coloring book while holding her bear.  We got several items before going near the kids things on our way to get groceries.  She asked if we could go down the Barbie aisle and as it was just her and not all three of them, I said sure.

We looked at the barbies and talked about the different toys we saw.  Then we saw that they had new dolls out - 18" dolls like the American Girl Dolls - and clothes, props, shoes, hats, etc.  There were ice skates and rollerblades for only $1!!  And cowgirl hats for $2.  They had rodeo sets, large horses for $28 and other items.  Riley has been wanting the cast and crutches set for months from the American Girl Doll Store, but it is $30.  Walmart had a cast, crutches, and wheelchair set for $19.99.  There was only one left.  So I got it for her.

I also got her a hat and ice skates and Madi some rollerblades and a hat.  The rollerblades even have wheels that actually roll!  And they all fit their dolls perfectly.  Then got Julia a $1 oversized Dora coloring book.  She will have fun with that!

Riley kept saying "Wow Mom.  You totally made my day!"

As we went through the store, we saw a man who had difficulty walking and was looking at the cereal boxes.  Riley said "Bye!"  and waved to him sweetly.  He said "Excuse me, ma'am. Your little girl said hi to me.  Noone ever says hi to me.  She's a sweet girl."  It was very sweet of him.  We chatted for a short moment and turns out he is a policeman.  Or retired policeman.

We got our items and went home.  Riley played with her new items all day long.  Kept saying "I need Mommy Strength!" whenever she needed help getting the cast off as you have to push in on one side and pull over on the other to get it off and on.  The good news is that it fits great.  The doll worked great in the wheelchair and it was fun to see her enjoying it.  Madi loves the rollerblades and played with her doll when she was finished with her project.

My parents brought Julia over and stayed for dinner.  The girls then took turns jumping off the slide onto the wedges and doing gymnastics tricks.  At one point, Julia wanted to jump off the part you climb up to the slide.  Riley kept standing in her way.  I asked her why she wouldn't let her jump off that way (she jumps from two lower bumps on the back instead of the top as it's too high for her).  Riley told me she didn't want her to jump off it because she was going to get hurt and she didn't want her to do it.  I told her that if Julia got hurt jumping off of that side, that she'd learn not to do it.  So Riley was frustrated and as she walked away said "Fine.  Learn Julia!!"  It was hilarious the way she said it.  And of course, Julia was totally fine.

Tomorrow we'll go to church and then my parents' house to pick up the armoire for in the kitchen.  Should be a fun day!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Ninth Day of School

Riley had all sorts of plans going into today.  She and her friend Kiah planned out their weekend unbeknownst to her mom and I.  Her mom is the nurse and the girls met over the summer so they would each know someone from school.  They've totally hit it off and have been playing together in my room after school.  Usually they watch part of a Barbie movie while eating their afternoon snack.  So cute!

Kiah's mom told me later on that Riley told her that Julia would be gone at my parents' house so she would be free to play with her.  And that after church on Sunday would be great so they could get together many times.  She is so excited about it!  So we talked it out and I'll be texting Joanna to find out when a good day for a playdate will be.  Her husband is a youth pastor so their weekends can be a little crazy.

A few other girls in Riley's class want to get together so we'll have some more playdates.  I talked with one of the moms today at morning duty and she was very excited about it!  Her daughter's name is Elizabeth, but has always insisted that her name was Biza and won't answer to anything else.  And would not respond to anything else even when she was really little.  She is the cutest thing!!  Her other friend is Sophie and she came over this summer as well.  Super sweet girl.  So it will be fun to have some more playdates soon!!

Riley was also very excited about how she has homework now!  We have a sheet to fill out and we have to sign it every time we do something.  She also has two workbooks to do throughout the year to help her work on her writing.

Today she told us that she was learning about how to sort by shape and sort by color.  She said it was really fun.  She's brought home papers with stars and stickers.  So far things have been very easy for her.

Julia's bumps are being killed by the second it seems.  We treated six new ones tonight and there are only a few tiny ones to kill off before we are done!!  Poor thing is in pain but is handling it unbelievably well.  And it's so very great to see them going away.  She is SUPER excited to have a special day at Grandma and Grandpa's house tomorrow!!  She whined for a few hours after work today and I thought I was going to lose it.  Frustrating hearing a whiny child after dealing with so many children before getting her.

Madi's doing well.  She has three projects to finish in the next three weeks - one per subject.  She worked on one of them tonight.  Might work well to have her do one each weekend so that she can spread out the work.  She's spending tons of time writing out cat families in a journal for pretend cat families that she would have in her Warriors clans.  I don't understand it (and I can't stand cats), but I'm glad she likes it so much!  We're encouraging her to find some things she really likes to do and to do them.  And to branch out from only choosing to read when she is by herself.

She doesn't like to be by herself ever and needs constant attention and literally says "look at this!  Watch this!" repeatedly throughout the day.  Doesn't matter what she is doing.  Sometimes she is literally staring at something or holding an object or imitating what Julia just did five seconds ago and telling you to watch.  We often don't quite know what to say so we just say "um - okay."

So we were all talking today about what she likes to do just for the fun of it even if noone is watching or noticing or paying attention.  What she likes to do just because she wants to do it.  So she mentioned reading and we were like "what else?"  because reading is definitely a love of hers. She couldn't think of anything so I asked her if she would think that drawing was something she might enjoy just for fun.  Without asking us every other second "check this out - you see this line? What do you think of this?" and just simply drawing for the sake of drawing.

She replied with "Why would I draw?" which was fascinating.  She had a very hard time thinking about things she likes to do if she can't get attention for it.  And had a hard time thinking about things she likes to do just because she can do them and enjoying time by herself doing them. She said she likes for people to see everything and watch.  Could be why some days we are on overload from being asked to watch so often.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

They're going away...

The MC are slowly making their way out of lives!!!  We treated another section last night and already many of them are white.  Only one more stage with them and they will be black and dead and gone.  Then we can move on to the last section.  It really is torture making Julia go through the pain of dealing with them.  But it's also reassuring to know that once we are done, we'll be done.  Can not wait until she is bump free!!!

Big Heart

Today was another great day of teaching!  Has been an awesome year so far.  Probably made even better by the fact that last year was one of the hardest years Jeremy and I have ever faced - two kids in daycare (financial stress and a $1800-$1900 payment per month), taking care of three children, 30 plus kids in many classes at school on a three day rotation and still managing everyday needs plus piano students, etsy, and juggling both of us being full time employees.

I probably talk about it too much, but I know that I'll be able to look back and see how far God has taken us.  And remembering what life was like when we were 'younger' will make me appreciate even more what it is to come.  After all, I have a diary from our first year of marriage that is somewhat hilarious and mostly candid and very honest.  That definitely makes me appreciate where we are now.

Today I was very appreciative and thankful for a daughter whose heart is so big.  Having Riley in class is one of the most special things that has ever happened.  It is neat to watch her and know her classmates and spend time with them for 20-25 minutes every other day. They are truly an amazing group of kids.

During music today, we had SQUILT time (super quiet un-interrupted listening time).  We talk about what good listening looks like and sounds like.  I give them four parts to listen to.  And we talk about how we sit as a good listener.  The kids were pros.  They were amazing!  Not a peep out of any of the 24 kids listening.  And they are only five or just turned six!!!

We listened to Kodaly's Hary Janos Suite.  As they listened, I wrote out the order of the sections "ABACADA" on the board and pointed out that all the A sections sound the same.  When they hear the A sections, they get to wave their scarves around - each kid has two scarves - and when they hear a B, C, or D section, they hide under their scarf on the floor until the A section comes up again.  So they hear same/different.

I passed out the scarves and as soon as the students get them, I tell them they should find a spot in the room and they can go ahead and swirl them and toss them (they are going to do it anyway and it keeps them busy and entertained while I get them all out).  The kids love this of course!  And they were so quiet as they did it.

I figured I had enough scarves as our classes were smaller last year and I didn't realize that I would be short four scarves.  Didn't cross my mind that these classes were so much larger and I thought I had a ton of scarves.  All the scarves were passed out and I still had two kids who had no scarves.  So I asked the class if anyone would mind giving one of their scarves to one of the kids who didn't have one.

There was literally not a second of waiting when I saw Riley walking toward one of the kids saying "Sure!!!  I'll give them one of mine!"  And then she even offered her friend a choice between the two colors that she had.  She was the only child who offered to give one up.  And once she did, she happily skipped to her spot and waved the one she had.

I asked if someone else would mind giving up one and another student offered up theirs.  I thanked them for sharing and was so incredibly thankful for such a giving, thoughtful girl.  The best part was that not only did the kid who got one scarf have fun, but Riley had pure joy on her face as she waved the scarf she had and was totally content.

When the activity finished, I asked the kids to spread out their scarf and showed them how to fold it.  For many kids this is easy.  Fold four times.  I tell them that it is ok if it is not perfect.  That we just want it folded a few times to fit in the bin.  Riley shares a locker with a little boy named Johnny.  He folded his scarf and tried his best.  Got frustrated and tossed it into the bin.  He was saying something about not doing it right.  I told him that I thought he did a great job folding it and then thanked him for working so hard on folding it so nicely.  He looked up at me and was totally shocked.  He asked "I did it good?"  And I told him that he did a great job!  He then looked at Riley and said in his little accent "Wow, your mom is so sweet!"  Riley smiled and said "Yes, she is."  So I've made a little friend out of him which is great because he is the kind of kid who needs a lot of love and recognition for doing his best.

I asked Riley how she liked her class and she says she loves them all.  I asked if anyone was mean and she said "Oh no Mom!  Noone is mean!  Everybody is so great!"  They are truly an unbelievably wonderful group of kids.  So blessed that she is with such a great group.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Like a Boy

Julia has been playing with the toilet seat lids lately.  Keeps trying to flip up the seat that she is supposed to stand on.  So we have been putting it down and asking her to sit.  To which she replies "Ah right."

Tonight Jeremy and I were in the kitchen.  I noticed that Julia had pushed her step stool right up to the toilet.  Totally normal - how she always gets up to sit on it.  Then she pulled her panties down and pushed up the cover portion.  Then quickly pushed up the seat part.

I walked in the room right as she put her hands against the toilet and leaned forward.  She then peed just like a boy into the toilet.  Didn't miss at all.

Jeremy was asking "Is she trying to pee like a boy?"

And I replied that she was actually going already!  Have a feeling she has seen this at preschool... still surprised she was so successful at her attempt.

Silly JuJu.

Go away MC!!!

Apple Cider Vinegar has penetrated our house.  And while it has amazing healing agents in it, the smell is more than we can bear.  It has been a few days since I started the treatment on Julia's MC.  I thought about stopping it today as she cries hard every time I have to apply the cotton ball with the vinegar and apply it to the bumps and then cover it with bandaids.  Even though the blog said that you have to be diligent and consistent - which are two of my good characteristics that are easier for me than others - I still couldn't stand putting Julia through so much pain.  Or smell.  Or torture with sticky bandaids all over.  It has not been fun in any way.

Then tonight came.

Jules has picture day tomorrow - she'll look so cute in her uniform!!  Every night I apply the ACV to five of her many bumps.  And have been testing out those particular bumps with it.  We've watched them go through the several stages of development which is normal.  Had been waiting for them to bump out white in the center and especially for them to turn black.  Today was the day!!!

As I took off her bandages, I noticed that four of the five bumps are now black.  Hallelujah!!!!  We've killed some of them!  Gave me so much hope that our baby can be rid of these evil bumps.

I put tea tree oil on them in the shower each night, cover them with ACV and bandages.  Usually soaks through her clothes and then we change her into another set.  I've also been changing her bedding every night before she sleeps.  Laundry has been insane!!!!  But as we are seeing fabulous results, there is no holding us back!

So very glad to see it working and just praying I can keep up my energy to deal with it as it's so time consuming and adds so much more work to our nights.

We've been giving Jules some tylenol and she's able to sleep so much better which is wonderful!  In fact last night she slept all through the night!!!  And if I hadn't caught Jeremy's sinus infection, we would have slept all night too!  Just praying Riley continues to stay healthy.

Today I had my first day of work all day followed by a team lead meeting and then piano students until 6pm.  Tomorrow is staff meeting and then Thursday is another day of piano students until 6pm.  Very thankful that this year has been incredible so far.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Love our girls

Tonight was a lot of fun!  We had my parents over and they brought some leftovers from Buca.  The girls set up two shops.  Riley sold pet animals and Madi sold whatever else there was in the playroom.  Julia did her own thing.

The girls played, we had dinner and dessert and then went upstairs for a little more playtime before bed.  Riley sat on her little car and sang us several songs.  It was so precious.  Then all of us sang "Row, Row, Row your Boat" in three part harmony.  Was cute to see Julia singing it too!!  I'd have to say that was my favorite part of the night.

Jeremy put Jules down - or actually is still putting her down.  I put Riley down and Madi is still reading I think.

Jules MC (molloscum contagiosum) has shown two new bumps so we're trying the ACV (apple cider vinegar) remedy.  Praying this works!!  They just don't seem to leave and it is possible we'll see more as we fight against it as it can lay dormant under the skin for a few weeks before showing more bumps.  The ACV stinks!!!  But it is working!  I actually contracted it from Jules - picked her up after a shower and her leg/belly touched my belly so I got it.  Thankfully it's only three bumps at the moment and I'm hoping to be consistent in getting rid of these suckers.  We'll start the ACV bath tomorrow for Jules.  She has been amazing with it!  She lets me put on the ACV, bandaids and leaves them alone.  We have to clean her sheets tomorrow as well and do our best to keep her fully covered so that they do not spread.  Thankfully she is not bothered by them and does not pick at them or seem bothered by them at all.  It's been awesome having great websites and hearing so many success stories with the ACV.  Such a better alternative than the expensive creams, cutterage or laser surgery.

Riley is such a big girl and doing an awesome job reading.  Today Jeremy turned on the tv to work with a new drive that is hooked up to it and she goes "Hey!  That says Cable Box."  Sure enough it did!  She's very confident and doing great!!

Madi started working on her two projects for school this weekend.  She chose to learn about Leonardo Da Vinci for the science project.  She read on a website that he was involved in sodomy.  Jeremy had the job of explaining that one.  Though Da Vinci is truly amazing in all that he has invented.  Honestly never thought of him as more than a painter!  I think she'll have a lot of fun with the project.  The other one she has to make a poster board into a movie poster.  She's reading one of the Maximum ride books and has to cast her characters with real life people and then create the movie poster.  Should be another fun one too!

Looking forward to having Labor Day off tomorrow to spend with Jeremy and the girls!!