Sunday, March 30, 2014

Gymnastics Meet

Riley had her fourth gymnastics meet today at Best Gymnastics in Flower Mound.  She has worked so hard!  The past two weeks she has had two private sessions with Coach David to work on landing harder on the spring board.  She wasn't feeling as though she was improving (she's so hard on herself), but the second time she felt like she was getting it better.

Today's meet went really well.  She did her windmill all by herself on the bars!  She did awesome on beam and floor.  Always does amazing on those.  Then came vault.

She ran hard and hit the board and landed so great!!  Her score:  9.3!!!!

Her entire team won third place overall.  Her coach said that since she had improved and worked so hard on the vault, she was the one chosen to take home the team trophy until tomorrow.  Riley was beyond excited about that!

Saturday, March 29, 2014


I registered for the Summer 2014 Orff Level II course!  So very very excited!!

Note to self - send in payment using this form.
Note to self again - get out your alto recorder and start practicing!
Note to self again and again - get ready for two of the most amazing, amazing weeks of the year... have been anticipating it since last year.  I love what I do!

I should find out any day if I am accepted to SMU as a Graduate Student.  Very much hoping I am and trying to mentally prepare if I am not.  You just never know as there are so many talented and amazing people out there.  Not counting on it but hopeful.  Very hopeful.

Toddler vs. Preschooler

Julia took the book "What to Expect in the Toddler Years" into the bathroom.  Guess she wanted good reading material while in there.  As I walked into the bathroom, I called out, "Hey - is somebody reading the toddler book?"

Jeremy just laughed and stated, "Julia brought it in there."

I replied with, "Guess she was reading about being a toddler.  Actually, she's a preschooler now - not a toddler!"

Julia's reply, "Darn it - I'm not a preschooler!"  (DARN with an 'R' - we don't use the other word... and it looks a lot worse in lower case.  So just in case there is confusion...)


Riley: Which job do you want me to have when I'm older - a scientist or a writer?

Me:  I want you to have the job that you want.  A job that you enjoy and are happy doing.

Riley:  Ok.  I think I'll be a scientist and then be a writer in my free time.

And Life Comes Back

Back in my college years, I went to a friend's bridal shower in Ohio.  We had gone to high school together and had kept in touch now and again throughout college.  While at the shower, I met one of her friends who was vivacious, loud, and high energy.  She had red curly hair, glasses, her eyes squinted tightly whenever she smiled and her name was Tricia.

I met her again at the wedding where she was part of the wedding party and I sang at the beginning of the wedding.  She had just gotten married recently and was so excited about life in general.

A few years ago, I read a post on my friend's Facebook page that said something about praying for the Lott-Williford family.  For some reason this sparked a memory and I thought of the red haired girl.  I figured she probably had a Facebook page and found it only to read condolences and sadness at how her husband had passed away so suddenly.  She was only 31, she had two young boys and the story was so sad.

She had a blog linked to her page so I went to it and read her stories.  She had a great way with words and I read a few of them.  Throughout the past few years I've read her blog now and again to see what she was up to as she worked through her life as a widow, clinging to Jesus and then as she started working on her book.  Several times I'd cry while reading her posts and Jeremy would ask me "Why do you do this?  Why do you read such sad things when you know you'll just get sad?"  I read it because it was real.  It could very well have been me (or be me) and it was such a testimony of how God works through our hurts.

Her blog:

The original blog for her family can be found here:

When her book was released recently, I knew it was one that would be on my list to read.  I got it yesterday on my kindle, read it last night and finished it this morning.  A very fast read and while a sad story, a story filled with hope and touching stories.  I love how real she is about what happened, how her boys asked questions and how she answered them.  God is so good and so faithful to comfort the comfortless and heal the hurting.  Great book!

Friday, March 28, 2014


Jeremy:  Riley, has my snoring getting better?

Riley:  Well each and every night it gets better.  Like a teensy weensy bit.

Jeremy:  Oh really?

Riley:  Except when it's not.

Jeremy:  Oh really?

Riley:  Well, it's better on the days that you work out.

Jeremy:  Are you just trying to come up with something to say?

Riley:  Kind of... maybe...  I bet at the end of the year you'll stop snoring.

What's Better Than a Free Book?!

Just signed up to do this!  I love books and can't wait to read more of them (free at that!).  Since I already blog about books and write on twitter - @grantfamily4 - this is the perfect idea for me.  I'm a newbie at twitter and have only done a few tweets so far, but after the two courses I took online, I'm getting the idea of it.

So how does this website work?  You blog/tweet about the books you are sent and have read.  Honest reviews.  And you get to keep the books you read.  Sounds cool to me.

Check this website out.  It might be something that you want to try too!

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Our Family Picture...

... as drawn by Julia:

Can you tell which is which?  Or should I say, whom is whom?

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Another Tooth Gone

Riley's front top tooth has been hanging on for what seems like forever!  Mrs. Townzen told her this morning "Riley, it just needs to come out!  Come on - you can do it!"  Riley smiled but wanted it to stay in.

Tonight it was barely hanging on.  I gave her a shower and then looked at it.  Then asked if I could help her out.  I wiggled it and pushed it back a little until it started to bleed a little.  Then wiggled just a little more.  Didn't take much and it was completely out.

Riley has the most adorable toothless smile now!  I love it.

Bianca, her tooth fairy, will be busy at work bringing her $ for the tooth tonight.  Jeremy and Riley cleaned and dried the tooth and then Riley wrote the sweetest note to the tooth fairy:

Dear Beanca:

The tooth is clean and dry.

Love, Riley

Yummy Chocolate

The P90x3 workouts are going great!  I was in the middle of 'The Warrior' while the girls were playing in the playroom (or so I thought).  They'd been there for about 15 minutes and I had been listening to them talking with their dolls.

Julia walks into the room and her bottom lip is covered in chocolate.

Me:  Hey Jules - did you eat some chocolate?

Julia:  Yes.

Me:  What did you eat?

Julia:  (shows me the bowl of chocolates that she brought up as Poppi and Grammy bought her delicious chocolates for her birthday - she loves them!)  I just had two.  And I telling you dah truth!

Me:  Ok - so how many did you have?

Julia:  I don't know.  Just a few.  I tell you the truth.

Me: Ok.  Well no more.

After finishing the workout, I walk downstairs for more water and to get dinner started.

Me:  Where is the chocolate box?

Julia:  I threw it away!

Me:  (opening the trash and finding the box on top)  Um  Julia... how many did you eat?

It was obvious she had a few as the remaining chocolates were so few.

Julia:  I had four... because I am four!

Sure enough she had.

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Julia's Birthday Weekend

Turning four ended up being a big deal this year!  It was going to be a simple thing - get a doll one day and go to the mall with her best friend Ariana to go on the carousel and get a build-a-bear followed by ice cream.  It's still simple, but this is day two of doing celebratory things and tomorrow is the ultimate birthday day as it's her actual birthday!

Yesterday I took the girls to the American Girl Doll store to get Julia her birthday gift - the Doll of the Year Isabelle.  They had tons of sales which is really rare and unheard of.  Several outfits for $14 and $17, dogs for $10, ski set for $32 and so on.  The girls ended up with a bunch of extras - tent, ski set, ski outfit, matching doll clothes, dogs, Isabelle dance outfits and Isabelle (the real reason we went there).  It has been doll city at the house as they girls are playing with the dolls from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep.

Last night I put Julia down and when she fell asleep, her arm was around Isabelle.  She looked incredibly sweet.

Tonight we went out to eat at Maggiano's with Grandma and Grandpa.  She was surprised with a special birthday plate and lemon cookies with candles.  Julia loved it!  The singing was her favorite and her face lit up.

We went to the mall afterwards to buy the girls new shoes.  It has been a huge ordeal getting Julia to put on socks and shoes.  We've done a whole bunch of strategies (worth an entirely separate blog).  She has been talking a lot about Hello Kitty lately - not sure why - but she saw Hello Kitty shoes at the store, loved them, put them on and we were happy to buy them.  Riley found a cool blue pair of Saucony shoes (my favorite brand of running shoes) and we were also happy to buy those.  We've cleaned out the basket of shoes so that there are only four pairs in there now - two for each girl.  No more digging through tons of pairs to find which one they want to wear.  Limited choices, less decisions.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Julia's Birthday List

Julia wants to list what she wants for her birthday like Riley does on the computer.

Here is her list (as she told them to me):

1.  Isabelle Doll
2.  A new "Frozen" book
3.  New vacuum
4.  Five more things...
5.  New pens
6.  New baggies with Hello Kitty on them
7.  New bookmarks for me
8.  Rainbow Looms for me... with Hello Kitty on them
9.  New cups with Hello Kitty of them

(not sure where this thing with Hello Kitty came from as we own zero things with Hello Kitty!)

Me:  Anything else?
Julia:  Ten things...

10.  New computers with STAR WARS on them!
11.  New cups with Hello Kitty on them
12.  One type of books - Dora books with Hello Kitty on them and stuff

Me:  Anything else?
Julia:  Um no... what do you want for your birthday?
Me:  Um... time with family.
Julia:  And beebers that we do in star wars?  That you would love.  And bikes for your birthday - dat would be fun!

Monday, March 17, 2014

March Meal

My mom and I are doing a Mediterranean Meal for the month of March.  Jeremy is doing the desserts every month.  We went to Target to get the ingredients.  Took a while to find Tahini and thankfully they had one giant can of it for $6.  You can also make your own tahini which I was completely interested in doing, but they had no sesame seeds anywhere.

What we're cooking:

Main Dish made by Grandma:
Middle Eastern Chicken Kebabs

Side Dishes made by moi:

Homemade Pita Bread

Garlic-Oregano Grilled Pita (adding 'taste' to the homemade pita bread)

Dessert made by Jeremy:
Brown Sugar Banana Parfait

Let's Build Something

Thank you Home Depot, Lowe's and for inspiring me to try out my handy-girl skills!  I decided to do a test run of making the doll beds for Riley's birthday party.  Of course it required work on my dad's end as he cut the boards and helped drill them!  So it wasn't all my doing by any means.  It was eye-opening to see that I was capable of doing something with wood and that I truly enjoyed it.  Now I have my eyes set on building our own dining table someday... seriously!  Thinking that kind of confidence is over my skill level, but would still love to try it someday!

Riley was thrilled to try out her new drill and enjoyed doing it.  She also helped to paint her bed (mostly by herself minus a few strokes which don't really count - so she did it herself), she hammered some nails into the sides of the bed and arranged it with the bedding.

Finished Product!

Riley picked out the bedding... great job Riley!
I sewed it together.  Wish it came in a King size ;)

Bed and mattress

Riley's doll bed on the left;
Julia's doll bed on the right.

It was a great experience.  My dad was more than generous to give of his time.  He said he didn't mind at all and was so sweet about it all.  We made one for Julia as well as she wouldn't want to be left out!

There was a lot of math involved which was neat to show Riley that math is used in things outside of school!  She was so happy and we all had a blast.  One of the best moments was watching Riley drill and seeing her face light up.

The beds turned out amazing!!  Thinking of trying out the horse stable and the bunkbeds as well.  All depends on if my Dad is up for cutting more wood and giving time to do them.  So fun!  I'd love to try my hand at cutting the wood too sometime and build my handy-girl skills!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Birthday Planning

Julia turns four in two weeks.  She is very excited and wants to do something with friends, but we're not quite sure what kind of party.  Wanting to keep it small and simple as she is still so young.  Plus she wants the American Girl Doll of the Year and a Barbie house (which I found plans to make on the Ana White site - amazing!).  Thinking those will both MORE than be enough - whether we do one of them or both.  If we go along with Riley's party that she wants, Julia can invite a friend to do this with her and have a joint party.

Dollhouse Plans

Riley's birthday party will be soon after Julia's as they are only six weeks apart.  She really wanted to do a party at the Chef's Academy in Frisco.  The cost is $375 plus extras and that's more than we really want to spend.  We did a big class party last year at her gymnastics place which was a lot of fun, but are hoping to keep it less expensive this year.

I've been keeping my eyes out for something creative and fun and something that matches what she likes to do.  Thinking I have found a great idea for a party - now to get Jeremy and my parents on board as we'll need all of their help in several ways.  My dad and Jeremy helping with the drilling and my mom and I helping with the sewing of the pillows and covers.  There are parts that can be preassembled so that there is minimum amount of work left to do.  My mom, Riley and I can go ahead and build the mattresses so that they are all the same.  Get scraps of fabric so each girl can choose their bedding and pillow fabric (have two or three choices - too many choices and they'll want everything and won't be able to decide;  only one choice and they might not like the option).

Here's the idea:

A Sew-and-Build Birthday for you and your doll

American Girl Doll Bed - cost of wood - $3 per bed
American Girl Doll Pillow and Comforter set - $2 per bed **Pattern included in the Mattress Pattern**
American Girl Doll Mattress - $2 per bed

Total cost will be about $7 per friend invited to the party.  She can invite ten friends and the party will be right around $100 with cake and ice cream.  Thinking that will be a lot of fun!  Plus the girls will have activities and gifts built into the party that they can use at home with their dolls.

We will need to get a small hand drill - Drill at Lowe's.  This is the one used in the Ana White video by her four year old.  There will be costs including screws, buttons, stuffing for the mattress.  Should be minimal.

Riley really wants to build the bunkbed or the loft bed for the dolls as does Julia.  Thinking that'd be fun for them!  Of course there is the horse stall as well... could really get crazy with this stuff!

Not to mention that all the cutting and sawing is left to Jeremy and my Dad unless they'll let me help too...thinking probably not after the damage I've done in the past trying to nail a fence together (ended up putting the nail through my wrist on the side) and trying to hook up the dryer on my own (burned through the plastic wrapping and ruined the cord and left a streak of black across the back wall of the laundry room - apparently you have to plug it into the dryer before the socket.  Jeremy says I'm lucky to be alive!).  Though woodworking sounds fun... :)

Saturday, March 8, 2014

First Place!

Riley and her small team (there were only three of them there today) won First Place for Small Team at their gymnastics competition today!!  We woke up at 5:30am and I got her showered, hair done, leotard on and uniform.  Jeremy drove her to the competition in Sulphur Springs about an hour and a half away.

She did a great job today!  Her vault is still a struggle.  She got a 6.0 on it.  Beam and Floor were fabulous at 8.8 and 8.7.  Bars were a 7.3.  Having just recovered from double flu, it's been tough for her to build back up her strength.  Considering she missed a week and a half of practice recently, she did an amazing job regaining strength to compete.  So proud of her!!!!

Jeremy then took her to eat fish at Long John Silver's before returning home.  Julia and I went grocery shopping and watched a Barbie movie.  She has a bad cough and my throat was feeling sore this morning so we just lounged.  Felt great.

Riley is amazing!

Easy Morning

After very difficult mornings this week, we attempted a try at an easy morning.  And succeeded.  The change?  Getting donuts!

On Thursday night, I told Julia that if she got dressed - clothes, socks and shoes (the sock issue has been major even with buying seamless ridiculously expensive socks from Stride Rite) and if she did it without throwing a fit, we'd get donuts in the morning.

She popped out of bed, got herself completely dressed - socks and shoes and all - and was ready in five minutes.  No joke.  No tears.  No kicking, hitting, spankings, time outs or exhaustion on our end either.

We got donuts and when we got in the car, she said "Now let's go home!"  She thought it was the weekend.  I told her it was Friday and her last day of school before spring break.  She was bummed, but still didn't cry or cling to me when I left her in the cafeteria.  All she said was "I don't want you to go."  I let her know that I'd pick her up after I taught the kids and she was just fine.

The wonder of donuts!

Getting to the heart of the matter

We've spent the last few days talking about a solution for what has been happening every morning with Julia.  We made the choice to keep her at her school and talk to the administration about what has been going on. And then to see what can be done.

I've always taken the side of the teacher as kids are very good at telling you just enough and not giving full details.  The teacher often has a different view on how things are going and a much broader view of the full picture.  That's not to say I don't listen to my girls or that I don't think that what they are saying isn't true.  But what they say is often not the entire story.

Due to Julia's crying, past experiences with her little friend that has said rude things and the fact that she's had four teachers this year, I just assumed that what she was telling me was all true.  In fact, I never thought to ask her teachers the past few weeks.  What?!  Why this never occurred to me, I don't know.  It's always advice I give to other parents.  Get involved.  Ask about your child's progress.  Come see what we're doing in the classroom if you have any concerns.  Talk to your child's teacher and truly listen to what they're saying.

But I didn't.

Until yesterday.

I pick up Julia on Mon., Wed. and Fri.  Jeremy picks her up on Tues. and Thurs.  Her morning teacher is not there when we drop off or pick up and her afternoon teacher is very sweet, but often in the middle of the lesson (which is great!).  Thankfully her teacher Ms. Suzie was still there when I picked her up at 5:30pm last night!!

I waited until another parent left and since the other kids were outside with another class, I was able to talk to her about things that were going on.  I had already talked to the administration of the school - they talked to the teachers - the teachers talked to Jeremy - Jeremy talked to me.  But I really wanted to get more in-depth conversation as there wasn't much shared except that she's happy, she's fine and that's all.  I wanted to know more detail.

Our conversation was very enlightening.  In fact, more than ever I'm convinced we're at the right school.

Julia was standing next to me and then moved away as she heard me ask how Julia was doing.  She had the 'guilty' face and looked away as we talked, but kept an eye on us at the same time.

Ms. Suzie said that she keeps the girls and boys divided up so that they can get their work done.  They are learning letters/numbers/how to trace their names/etc...  She shared that she will go over to Julia's table and help her to know what to do, but as soon as she turns her back Julia is sneakily moving to hide behind a cubby, take a toy from her backpack without asking or hiding in corners to play instead of doing work and waiting to be found.  Mind you - these hiding places are not well-concealed and she can easily be found.

Suzie shared that Julia doesn't like to do work.  She doesn't want to do anything except play.  She won't do any work at all unless the teacher is right next to her the entire time.  And bingo - we hit on the reason she really doesn't want to go to school.

As she shared this, I looked at Julia and she climbed on a table with her arms crossed and said "I don't like to work!"  The teacher said that they are pushing her to trace, write numbers, etc. during work time and she refuses to do it.  They also are aware of any girl drama and are keeping it to a minimum by having the girls separated and watching.

I was also told a story about how another girl said something mean from across the room so Julia walked over to her, punched her in the shoulder and then walked away back to her seat.  "She can stand up for herself" - the adult that observed this happen.  Not sure if I am proud of her or embarrassed that our girl is so much more physical than Riley ever was.  I still wasn't sure whether this would be something she'd do.  To Riley, no doubt - she'd do it.  But to someone else?  So I asked Julia if she did it and Julia smiled coyly and said "Yes.  I did that."  Well ok.

We ended the conversation with me telling Miss Suzie to write me notes or contact me if this continues.  Really wish we had been made aware of this earlier.  Though in all fairness, I couldn't do a parent-teacher conference a few weeks ago because the times were when I am working.

As we left, Ms. Suzie wanted a hug from Julia.  At this point, Julia's arms were crossed and she was mad that we had talked as the heart of the matter was now pointed out.  She wouldn't give her a hug until she was prodded and even then it was half-hearted.  We've got our work cut out for us!

I did learn so much through this situation.

Tips for Thought:

1.  Listen to your child.  Hear them out.  Don't agree or disagree.  Simply listen.  Let them know you'll talk to the teacher and then make a plan together.

2.  Go to the teacher in person, on the phone - never by email (which I didn't).  Talk to them in detail.  Ask your child about what is going on, get information, be on their side and support them, but go to the teacher and get the full information before making a decision about what is really going on.

3.  Make a plan.  Make a plan for how to fix the problem.  With Julia, we're rewarding with Donut Fridays again.  She only earns them if she is well-behaved in the mornings on the way to school and does her work at school.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Looking at Daycares

The last few weeks have been full of tough mornings.  Julia has cried about not wanting to go to school.  She has been talking about how mean another girl is being and how she wonders if the girl will be there.  When I drop her off, she screams and kicks and has a lot of trouble letting go.

So we decided to look at other options.  I contacted a mom at school that has an in-home daycare.  Her place is fantastic, safe and the kids are well-cared for.  However, I have to be at work by 7:30 and can't drop her off until 7:15 which leaves no room for error in morning routines.  And there are definitely going to be days that don't go well in the morning.  The other thing is that it's only open until 5:15pm and we have to have daycare until 6:15 some days.  So that's a no.

Looked at another daycare today as well.  The name is "Kids Count Too."  Heard lots of great things about it and the people are friendly.  The girls and I walked around and saw the classrooms.  Very neat and clean.  However, it just didn't seem like it was the right place for us.  Honestly not sure what to call that except a mom's intuition and God's voice.

As we were leaving, Julia started to cry because she was hungry.  I told her we'd get food at home.  When we got in the car, she then announced "And they didn't even count!  None of the kids counted."  Riley then says "Maybe they do that in the mornings."

Apparently Julia was expecting to go in and hear lots of numbers and kids reciting their counting skills.  Never occurred to me to explain the name of the school!

Monday, March 3, 2014


Julia will be turning four in three weeks and she is very excited.  She is working on a note to our elf, Buddy.  She has written it as she said out loud:  "Dear Buddy,  I would like you to come to my birthday.  Can you come?  I know you are busy doing lots of things.  But I really really want you to come.  Can you?  Love, Julia."

It was precious to hear her say these words out loud.  She's putting the letter out for him and asking Santa to let Buddy come and she hopes that he will.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Writing a Book

Riley has been wanting to write her own stories so I found a few amazing apps that can be used on her iPad.  Can't wait to test them out!

Atlas Shrugged

Author:  Ayn Rand
Pages:  1077 pages
Where to buy:  Amazon

Still reading the book.  A great read!  I love strong female characters and Dagny Taggart is no exception.

Update on March 20:
Has literally taken me the entire month of March to read this book.  I have really really loved it.  There were moments where it sped by and other points at which it seemed a little preachy.  But I love it.  At 87% and almost finished...

Great Quotes:

When Dagny is riding the train for the first time on the John Galt Line:
It was a strange foreshortening between sight and touch, she thought, between wish and fulfillment, between - the words clicked sharply in her mind after a startled stop - between spirit and body.
First, the vision - then the physical shape to express it.  First, the thought - then the purposeful motion down the straight line of a single track to a chosen goal.  Could one have any meaning without the other?  Wasn't it evil to wish without moving - or to move without aim?
**Goal setting at its finest! Vision and thoughts leading to physical exertion and purposeful motion toward the goal.

At 86% into the book - in the middle of a massively long speech by John Galt:
"You seek escape from pain.  We seek the achievement of happiness.  You exist for the sake of avoiding punishment.  We exist for the sake of earning rewards.  We exist for the sake of earning rewards.  Threats will not make us function;  fear is not our incentive.  It is not death that we wish to avoid, but life that we wish to live.

FINISHED!!!  Woo hoo!!  Finished the book this afternoon on March 23 (Julia's birthday) and so very excited to now be able to move on to read another book.  Really enjoyed it and many parts of it were fast paced.  There were also some slower paced areas.  The last 25% of the book seemed slower than the rest.  Especially the forever long speech by John Galt that lasts about 8% of the entire book in one LONG chapter.  Glad to have read it, but also glad to move on :)

Saturday, March 1, 2014

March Spending

The honest answer for this month:  I almost didn't write everything down because I was/am embarrassed at how much I spent!!  Especially after being so restrained last month.  Yes, we had Spring Break, I got several presents for the girls' friends' birthday parties and we did crafts.  But that's no excuse.  The reason I spent money was because I spent it!  And I nickeled and dimed at the AG Store and ended up with a crazy amount of goods that the girls are LOVING.  It was hard to pass up $10 dogs and $14 outfits... in fact, it wasn't hard to pass it up because I chose not to pass it up and bought them.

Hoping this month ends soon (it's March 21 as I write this) just so I can have a fresh start.  Though I do realize a fresh start can begin now.  I don't have to wait to make changes.

March 1 -
Bath and Body Works Soap - 7 for $24 - Total was $25.98

Piano Music by Chad Lawson
2 Songs:  Nocturne in A Minor and Dance You Pretty - Total was $7.98

March 8 -
Art Craft Sketch book for Riley - $3.84
Unibal Pens (Whoa! Price was way higher than I realized as it was on the wrong hook in the store - grrr) - $5.47
36 count colored pencils for the girls - $5.97
Eczema cream Aveeno for my incredibly dry legs.  We need rain and humidity!  - $10.96

March 10 -
Headband holder from Hobby Lobby for Riley - $8.65
Socks for myself and Riley, matching St. Patrick's Day tshirts and hummus at Target- $40
Books for a friend and a new Bible (only $5!) for the girls from Mardel - $35.67

March 11 -
1x2 and 1x3 wood, pink Skil Drill and hardware to test out building an AG Doll bed - $55
Batting, fabric and ribbon for bed - $18

March 13 -
New gymnastics leotards (4) for Riley - $84.90

March 21 -
Expensive trip to the American Girl Store.  They had crazy markdowns on tons of outfits, dogs, tent, skis and winter items.  Bought Julia her doll Isabelle for her birthday and much more.  Birthday trip was a huge success and a big blow to the budget.  Total - $412.43

Target trip to get birthday gift for Riley's friend Kiah - $33

March 23 -
Build-a-Bear - $76
Dippin' Dots - $9
Carousel Rides - $5

March 24 - Stride Rite to get the girls some new shoes - $75

March 30 -
Joann Fabrics - $116
Fabric, foam and ribbon for Riley's party.  Getting everything sewed and ready!  Five weeks to make 10 bed covers, 10 dresses and 10 mattresses.  We can do this thing!

TOTAL FOR THE MONTH:  Too much...enough said.  April will be better.