Saturday, July 23, 2016

Six Month 2016 Goal Check up

Goals for 2016:

1) Read 16 books in 2016 - this has been an easy one!  I love reading and have found some great books this year:
  a.  10% Happier
  b.  The Bible - working on
  c.  When Breath Becomes Air
  d.  Miracles from Heaven
  e.  Black Flags:  the Rise of ISIS
  f.  Me Before You
  g.  Alexander Hamilton
  h.  The Wedding Dress
  i.  The Nest
  j.  Smarter, Harder, Faster - working on
  k.  Crisis of Character
  l.  Words Without Music 
  m.  Cometh the Hour
  n.  Girl Waits with Gun
  o.  Anthem
  p.  I know how she does it
  q.  Seraphina and the Black Cloak
  r.  Roller Girl

2) Financial Check Ups
Have been very inconsistent on this

3)  Disconnect so I can Reconnect
Still connected to my phone too much... work in progress.

4) Write 4 original pieces for middle school curriculum as well as examine, restructure and design pieces around Music For Children Volumes.  One piece per grade.
Currently working on!

5) Teach a music education seminar/workshop.
Put in an application to teach a session at TMEA.  Haven't heard back and thinking I wasn't chosen, BUT I put myself out there.

6) Take a self defense class.
Classes are expensive!  Haven't done it.

7) Learn more Spanish with Duolingo and find ways to interact with others who speak Spanish.  Get a Spanish workbook to learn more.
So far so good on this one!  Finding I can hear Spanish conversations and understand the general idea of what they are saying.

8) Travel as a family
The girls and I have traveled and had great times being away on vacation.  No family vacation yet.

9) Engage in meaningful and purposeful relationships
Working on this one and getting together with new friends more.

10) Continue my education at SMU towards my Master's Degree with excellence.
Yes!  This is going well - one more year left!  Will be so sad when it is done!

11) Find ways and time to work out.
Going to yoga classes at work and walking the dog.  Making plans to help myself relax and sleep better by doing exercise during the school year.

12)  Use our Crockpot to plan means ahead of time.
Ummmm.... not quite sure what prompted this goal, but nope.  I don't cook so this one will likely not happen.  Though I could get to work on finding meals that I'd like to cook and start next week!


Julia:  Mom, did you know you are a kid?
Me:  I am?
Julia:  Yes - you are a child of God!

(Not sure if I already blogged this)

Summer 2016

We've had a fabulous summer so far.  A great mix of staying home and sleeping in as well as some travel and camps.  Riley thoroughly enjoyed going to Girl Scout Camp with her friend Charlie Grace.  She has asked us if she can join Girl Scouts this year.  Sounds like something she'd really love.  Riley did a few camps at GSES as well.  Julia spent time at a few GSES camps but truly loves just being home to play barbies, dolls and games.  I had a 3-day drum workshop with Jim Solomon, week long Orff Master Class, traveled to St. Pete's, FL for a week for Responsive Classroom training and taught two summer crochet/knit camps at GSES.  Jeremy has gone to work.  (I have plans for next year to make sure he gets a break of some sort and takes time off for himself....)

The girls and I just returned a few days ago from a four day 'Grandma Camp' adventure at Lost Pines Resort outside of Austin, TX.  A friend of mine described it as a magical place and I agree.  We had a wonderful time.  One of the highlights was working with Julia to help her learn to ride a bike without training wheels.  She was excited to try!  The resort offers free bikes of all sizes that you can take all throughout the day and ride.  On one of the times we were working together to help her ride, she went a ways by herself down the path.  Afterwards, she said "You know that time that I went by myself for a long time?  That was off the hook!  It was!"  Cracks me up that she said 'off the hook.'

Most of our time was spent in the lazy river.  We played tag.  Grandma and Riley would hide or swim somewhere along the river while Julia and I would try to find them.  Or vice versa.  Lazy river is a terrible name for it.  It was more like energetic river.  It was a great workout and wore us out.  We swam at least twice a day.

We also spent time watching movies after dark on the big outdoor screen and eating smores/popcorn. I had s'mores a few times.  So yummy.

Julia rode a pony on a trail ride with a guide along the Colorado River.  It was 15 minutes long and Julia said it felt like it was super short.  Riley and I rode horses through the trails for a long ride going up and down through a forested area.  It was beautiful.  Her horse's name was Will and my horse's name was Jango.  Riley rode on her horse in front of me.  Her horse kept farting throughout the ride.  It was hilarious.  We both kept laughing.  My mom and Riley played a game of Archery Tag on the last morning of our stay.  They came back beat red in the face and sweating like crazy.  My mom said it was the most exhausting hour of her life.  Completely believe her!

The rest of the summer is full of plans to enjoy our time at home, meet up with friends and prepare for school.  The girls are spending time reading, writing, doing multiplication flashcards/math workbooks and practicing piano.  Honestly, it's about an hour or so each day.  I often tell them that doing a little bit each day is more beneficial than spending hours and hours every now and again.  They give me looks that tell me they don't believe me, but consistency is key to helping them really internalize their skills.  They might thank me years from now....