Saturday, September 24, 2016

Fourth Grade

Riley is having one of her best years yet.  She loves fourth grade so far.  She especially loves her teacher, Ms. Swan and has several friends in her grade.  It is so nice to see her comfortable at GSES this year after being the new kid last year.  She dreams of being an engineer and in particular, designing wings so that humans can fly.  We tell her to go for it.

Chicks in Primer

Ms. Hackney, Julia's Primer teacher, has lived on a farm with her aunt and uncle the past year.  She always had interest in having baby chick eggs in her room and watching the process of them hatching.  This year Julia was able to watch the chicks in the incubator through the process of hatching.  They used something called candling to compare how the chicks were all growing.  When you place a black screen behind the egg with a candle underneath it, the students could see the chick eating the yolk as it turned into a furry chick.  Then they got to see it break through the eggs and hold them.

Each student named their chick.  Though how they could tell them apart is a mystery.  Ms. Hackney says that they claimed to know which chick was their own.  Julia named her chick "Lovey" and one of the boys in her class named his "Eyeball."

First Goal!

Julia is on the Honey Badgers soccer team this fall.  She's told us that she really wanted to score a goal this year.  We told her that we'll take her to her favorite place for a fun treat if she scores a goal.  Her favorite place being I Heart Yogurt. Mind you - we also told her we'd take her to her favorite place just for fun too.  And that we're proud of her whether or not she scores a goal.  

Today she was doing a great job getting in the mix to get the ball to the goal.  Several times she kicked some strong shots (one into the arm/chest of a rival player) and another that came just short of the goal before a different rival kicked it away.  Towards the end of the game there were several girls near the goal and then another strong kick from her which went straight into the goal.

It was a neat moment as she looked unsure of what to think.  Grandpa, Grandma, Jeremy, Riley and I were there cheering her on.  Grandpa showed up to surprise us after he'd been gone for about six weeks in TN working on their new house.  It was a great way to celebrate Julia's goal.

After she kicked the goal, she came over to us.  I hugged her and spun her around in my arms.  When I set her down, she started to cry and had a little pouty lower lip that was trying to help keep the tears away.  She wasn't sure why she was crying.  It was so sweet.

Sunday, September 4, 2016

Present Plans

Julia opened a chinese cookie and the paper said "Your present plans are going to succeed."

Me:  So what are your present plans?

Julia:  Barbies and trolls.


Julia: I'm a bit snuffy today...

(continues to sniffle while reading her book)